Fresh Faces: Eliza Ibarra

LOS ANGELES—Eliza Ibarra watched her share of porn before she started doing it herself.

In fact, the native of Riverside, Calif., said she knew of some of her fellow Spiegler Girls before she signed with the elite talent agency.

“Absolutely,” Ibarra tells AVN. “Most of them I was really familiar with, like Asa [Akira] and Riley [Reid]. They really made a name for themselves not just because of what they do, but also because they’re really good people and they actually make a business out of their name.”

The 21-year-old Mexican-American beauty, who pulled stints at Pizza Hut and Harley Davidson before coming to Porn Valley, now is well on her way to making her own impact on the adult industry. She’s already drawn at least one comparison to Reid, the 2016 AVN Female Performer of the Year.

“I like to try new things. It’s exciting for me,” says Ibarra, who points to another accomplished Spiegler Girl, 2016 AVN Best New Starlet Abella Danger, as a personal favorite.

“Oh my god, I was so excited to finally meet her. She’s my biggest crush,” Ibarra confesses. “When I met her I was so nervous; she’s so pretty.”

Ibarra’s path to the Spiegler sisterhood began with taking matters into her own hands. She wanted to be sure she could play in the major leagues before making the jump, deciding it would be a good idea “to hook up with a porn star to see if I can do this.”

“Because I know they’re a lot bigger than most people and I don’t want to get my first really big dick on camera and be like, ‘Ouch. Never mind I can’t do this,’” Ibarra explains.

She used Snapchat to reach out to Bruce Venture, a veteran of more than 800 professional sex scenes who was happy to accommodate her. Ibarra had flirted with Venture via private messages when she was 18.

“We had talked a little bit but never met,” Ibarra says, admitting she wasn’t sure if he would remember her. “But he was down to meet me and come to my place, so that was cool.

“But it really was just to see, can I do this? Can I do this or not? Because what if [Spiegler] takes me on the team and I disappoint him. I go on camera and I’m like crying like, ‘Oh I can’t do it.’ That would make me look so bad. I don’t want to make him look bad. I don’t want to make me look bad.”

Venture tells AVN he didn’t need any convincing when it came to making time for Ibarra.

“Originally, she had actually sent me a photo of her ID on her 18th birthday and said that she was interested in the business,” Venture recalls. “Of course she is smoking hot and I was quite interested and booked her a flight, which she didn’t show up for and told me after that she changed her mind.

“It was quite some time before she messaged me again (I think a couple years), but she was already in LA at the time. It wasn’t awkward but I was just hoping nothing had changed for the worse in the course of time and was pleasantly surprised to see she was looking even better than before (and trust me she looked great from the start) when I saw her.”


Venture, who made his porn debut for Kink in April 2010, is no stranger to civilian girls wanting to go for a ride.

“I have had a lot of girls message me for sex—hundreds (not that I took up every offer),” Venture reveals. “Many in the same way as Eliza. Presenting their ID on their birthdays. Usually when this happens I assume it’s because they had previously tried and been dismissed after being unable to bear the burden of proof to their legalities. Usually it’s just for fun. Not business. But depending on the girl I send them to get tested or in some special cases pay for their test myself.

“Overall I would say I’ve had some really spectacular experiences in this way. Even a few girlfriends have been met like this. Also, I won’t drop names but I can think of at least four or five really ‘big name’ porn stars that I hooked up with before they ever did porn or to my knowledge even intended on entering the industry.”

Suffice it to say that Ibarra showed Venture enormous potential during her “tryout.”

“She is definitely made for porn,” Venture says. “I didn’t get to test ‘every aspect’ but she started with a four-hour blowjob without breaking and I came like six times. Definitely no complaints here.”

He continues, “If she appreciates all dick as much as she seemed to appreciate mine, I think she will have a very satisfying and lucrative career. I hope I get the chance to perform on camera with her sometime. Really sweet and sexy girl. Very enjoyable in private and beautiful.

“I don’t think she’s in it for the money as much as the experience, which is always the best reason in my experience. Plus she’s with Spiegler, who has always been my first choice for booking girls. It would be hard to imagine anything but success for her given such a strong start. The guy really knows how to pick ’em.”

Ibarra also enjoyed her test drive with Venture.

“It did hurt but I thought I can still do this, it’s going to be fine,” Ibarra says. “That was kind of my first introduction to it. … Before that though I was just kinda considering it and then after I did that I was like, ‘Alright, I got this.’”

So she emailed Mark Spiegler and they agreed to meet for lunch at Fleming’s, where the seasoned agent did not sugarcoat anything about the job.

“He was very up front about everything from the beginning,” Ibarra says. ”He wasn’t all like sunshine and rainbows. He was like, ‘You’re probably going to have work with people you don’t like. You might catch an STD…’ He was telling me all these things that would probably scare people away, just to make sure I was very serious about that. I really respected him for that because I was like, OK, at least you’re not trying to make me believe it’s something that it’s not. So I was really happy that he was being honest.

“It was very overwhelming but also very exciting at the same time because I was like my whole life’s about to change right now. Everything’s about to revolve around this. It’s not going to be anything close to what it used to be so…”


About a week later, Spiegler signed the almost 5-foot-10 performer before she had done a single pro scene.

Ibarra at press time had shot almost 20 scenes—eight of which were for the Porn Pros family of sites.

“She’s doing great,” Spiegler tells AVN. “[Brazzers director/performer] Keiran Lee says she gives the best blowjobs since Jenna Haze. That’s definitely impressive. He told Manuel [Ferrara], ‘She’s going to be the new Riley Reid.’

“She does really good scenes. Everybody who’s booked her has pretty much rebooked her.”

Ibarra already has shot for Erotica X, Trenchcoatx, New Sensations, Zero Tolerance, Girlfriends Films, Amateur Allure, Nubiles and Blacked with upcoming bookings for Jonni Darkko, Twistys, Elegant Angel, Naughty America, Throated, Property Sex and more.

“She’s tall and all-natural with no tattoos,” Spiegler adds. “She’s very bubbly and really polite. That’s what everyone keeps telling me. … I think honestly being polite and having manners is the reason why girls like Riley Reid and Angela White go even further.”

She worked with Logan Pierce in her first official sex scene—before she turned 21 on March 22nd—for Passion-HD under the direction of Tony Profane. The scene involved Ibarra eating strawberries, kiwis and other fruits before inhaling Pierce.

“That was a really fun scene actually because everyone was nice to me and courteous,” Ibarra says. “They weren’t treating me mean or anything. Everyone was gracious towards me, making sure I was comfortable the whole time. It was a lot more nice than I thought it was going to be.”

Pierce, who debuted in January 2012 and has performed with a handful of girls in their first scene—most notably Casey Calvert—says Ibarra was “jovial and joyous, filled with palpable, nervous excitement.”

“You could tell she was eager to put on a show and showcase her talent,” Pierce tells AVN. “I vividly remember the director being so in awe by her performance that he looked at me and said, ‘Damn! Bro, were you ready for her?’ She's doing all the right moves.”

Pierce adds, “Eliza has immeasurable potential in this business. I worked with her again just a couple short weeks after our first visit and already it was clear that she had grown tremendously as a performer. I can only imagine how much better she will become in time. Working with her is not work at all, it's a vacation.”

Ibarra says her excitement far outweighed those first-time jitters.

“Because I knew that this was what I wanted to do. I chose to do this and it was because I’m comfortable with my sexuality and not embarrassed to show those kinds of things,” she says. “And I wanted to have a platform for everyone to see, to enjoy it. Because I know I like watching porn. I like seeing what it’s like, so I want to be able to give somebody else that joy that I get from when I watch it.

“That was an exciting part, too, like oooh, somebody’s going to watch this and they’re going to like it as much as I like it. … But after I got over the first one I was just really eager to keep doing it over and over again.”


Ibarra performed her second scene with Chris Strokes for Lubed.

“He’s like a real goofy, silly guy,” Ibarra says. “So that was fun, too, working with someone that reminded me of my brothers, which is funny because the next scene I did with him was a step-brother scene…I worked with him three times actually. I think it’s because I’m so tall. They want me to work with guys that I don’t make them look like a little kid, so since he’s a really tall guy it was easy for me to work with him I guess.”

Ibarra, who at the time of this interview also has performed twice with Logan Long, made her Blacked debut with Jason Luv.

When it comes to watching porn in her private life, “I like weird stuff,” Ibarra says.

“I like snuff porn. I know there’s no real snuff porn out there, but I like weird stuff like that, where the girl’s pretending to get killed or there’s a bag over her head or something. I think that’s really fun to watch,” Ibarra says. “Also I like stepbrother stuff, not because I want to have sex with my stepbrothers or anything like that. It’s just a taboo thing that you know can never happen.

“I like girl/girl stuff, too, because in my real life I do enjoy having sex with girls.”

Before porn, Ibarra held down shifts at Riverside Harley Davidson, where she sold motorcycle wear.

“My mom worked there for a while when I was younger,” Ibarra says. “She sold bikes there and I would go in with her all the time when I was a little baby. So when I grew up I went there and most of the same people were there and they were like, ‘Oh my god, you’re so grown up. Of course we’ll give you your first job.’ They all remembered me so I immediately got the job there and I worked in the motor clothes department as a cashier.

“So I was where they have helmets, leather jackets, the boots, all the stuff like that. That was actually a great job, too. It’s really like a family. It was hardly like a job.”

Ibarra continues, “After that I worked at Pizza Hut for a little while, but that was also very short-lived. It was like less than a year I believe. I did that mainly because I wanted to work in the retail industry and the food industry. I wanted to try both to see which I liked more. Definitely should’ve stuck with the retail, but Pizza Hut was still fun. I like pizza…The people there were nice, too.”

A pescatarian—she does not eat meat but does eat fish—for the past two-and-a-half years, Ibarra says “the one thing I do miss is fried chicken.”

“You can’t really get that from anything else. Hot wings. Those are the only two things that I would say that I miss,” she says.

When she’s not performing, she sometimes does drawings or oil painting, noting that the legendary Bob Ross is an inspiration.

“It varies—I’ll either do a coloring book or a full-on painting,” Ibarra says. “I actually enjoy watching Bob Ross because he has shows on Netflix. So I will watch Bob Ross and paint with him and that’s way better for me personally than painting on my own because sometimes it’s hard to get those creative juices flowing and just start from scratch on something. And if you do it with him you’re like, ‘Oh, it’ll never turn out as good as his.’ But you do it step by step and you surprise yourself at the end, like oh my gosh this actually looks so nice.

“I like doing that and then giving the paintings as gifts to people. Like my grammy and papa have one of my paintings in their house and it’s a Bob Ross one. That’s really fun to do. I also like playing around with makeup and stuff. I’ll watch the beauty gurus, YouTube tutorials and do the makeup with them, too. I think that’s fun.”

Ibarra also practices Yoga.

“It’s like a really peaceful way of working out,” she says. “Not only does it work out your body and you feel energized for the day but it calms your mind. It really makes you feel at one and at peace. Like I feel like after I’m done with Yoga I’m kind of on a spiritual high.”

So far it seems that everyone is high on Ibarra’s prospects as a future star.

“I’ll be interested to see how she does in the long run,” Bruce Venture says. “Again most of the girls I met before they started ended up in the industry later on through whatever avenues. It will be something new for me to see a girl that called me from the start make a career for herself. Though I might be a bit disappointed that I didn’t get her first actual scene.”


Photos by Jeff Koga