Fresh Faces: Crystal Rush

This article originally ran in the October 2017 issue of AVN magazine. Click here for a link to the digital edition.

Hometown: Moscow | Age: 29 | Height: 5-foot-4 | Weight: 116 pounds | 32-24-36 | Hair: Brown | Eyes: Brown

Russian émigré Crystal Rush comes from a small town “1000 km from Moscow,” and was first recruited through an ad on a Russian social media site.

“I think about it for about three months, packed my baggage and run away to Moscow to make a lot of porn in St. Petersburg,” Rush told AVN with her Natasha Fatale Russian accent. She had wanted to be a performer since she was 15: “I felt myself like this girl in the video. My dream went to sleep, but after almost 10 years, I find this advertising and decide to make my dream come true.”

She started shooting in 2013, referring to her performing in Europe as “a hobby, because my real life doesn’t touch the porn industry.” She would take two trips a year to shoot, “not a lot,” doing about 10 scenes on each trip. “Usually I would go to Budapest, because Budapest is the capital of porn in Europe. Sometimes I traveled to Czech Republic, Italy, Spain. It was like a hobby, when I need some rest and want to go off for a weekend.”

“I decided to go to the embassy and get American visa—and fuck! I get it!” she says, her eyes opening wide in surprise. “A few friends told me, ‘Wow. You got a visa, you should go there and work.’ Here [in L.A.], it’s not a hobby. I’m making it like my job.”

During her first two months in California, “I saw a lot of plays, because I had a lot of free time waiting for my ID. I went to San Francisco. In Los Angeles, love hiking and nature. In Moscow it’s building-building-building. That’s all.”

She’d like to work with Johnny Sins and Bonnie Rotten, “and of course Markus Dupree, he is also Russian guy.”

Her favorite quote is “Catch the moment.”

“It’s all about my life,” Rush says. “To seize the moment, you have to catch it. I catch it. Next time, the moment may go someplace else.”

Book Crystal Rush through ATMLA. Follow her on Twitter: @_rush187_.

Photo by Rick Garcia/@IndustryByRick