Fresh Faces: Cora Moth

Cora Moth is featured in the April 2019 edition of AVN magazine. Click here to see the full digital issue. Photo above by Keith Ryan.

Cora Moth may be the first starlet who left a life in the circus to work as a sex performer. She’s 24, a blue-eyed straw-blonde from Eugene, Oregon. “I’ve worn a lot of hats,” she says. “Before I moved to L.A. I was a circus performer. I was a contortionist, an aerial artist, an acrobat. I came down here to kind of move into new avenues.”

She’s been in L.A. for a little over a year. Her best friend and roommate is the popular porn actress Olive Glass. “She is with ATMLA. I got in through my roommate. After a year of sort of back and forth as to whether I would pull the trigger, I was OK.”

She got into her previous occupation because “I was at the right place at the right time. I was at a music festival; someone saw me doing acrobatics and offered me a place in the circus up in Portland, Oregon.”

She loved doing it but now “not as often. … Performance level for a career in the circus is really hard on the body. I kind of want to hold it as my own passion. I’m still passionate—I just don’t perform any more. I’m getting certified in yoga right now and moving into teaching pole.”

What was it that brought her to Porn Valley?

“I keep trying to find the answer to that and, honestly, I just wanted to come. I’d grown up in Oregon my entire life and L.A. seemed fun ... big city, warm weather, opportunity. I just made the leap. I love it. I think if I can survive the next couple of years I’ll probably end up staying.” She laughs.

“I’m very drawn to experiencing new things ... especially everything that has to do with the taboo world. In the past I worked in kink and now I’m moving into porn. I think I’ve checked just about every box except for anal, for the time being, d.p. and boy-boy-girl.”

So far she’s done mostly masturbation scenes, plus some boy-girl, including scenes with Ryan Madison (“Flexible”), Codey Steele for, and Jessy Jones for Mofos. “Everything’s open,” she says. “I’m looking forward to exploring the entire industry. … As far as my expectations, I’m trying to keep an open mind. I have no idea what i’m going to like.”

And as for her unusual surname:  “I made it up. Moths are creatures of the night and they go toward what they love, the light, even if it kills them.”

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