Fresh Faces: Chanel Grey

Chanel Grey shot her first scene in Las Vegas for Team Skeet: "It was interracial. I was going to pick up pot from my dealer and I fucked him for free weed, basically," she says, laughing.

She never thought of working in the adult industry until she turned 18. "I was thinking of different stuff I could do and that popped into my head. I thought it sounded like fun, so I decided to try it. I loved it. I love trying new things, because you never know if you like it until you try it."

Asked what she likes about working as on-camera talent, Grey brightens: "Everything. I love the people, I love the sex, I love the money. I love everything about it. I met the nicest, most open, most non-judgmental people in porn. It seems like everyone outside porn seems to be a bit more closed off. Everyone's a lot more confortable with who they are. I like that a lot."

Grey says her best scenes so far have been with Quinton James and Johnny Sins. "I did a stepdaughter/stepdaddy scene with Quinton James. It was really fun. I was really attracted to him because he's super sexy. I love his English accent. It was really hot sex. That's awesome."

The Johnny Sins scene "was really good sex. He just knew how to fuck. He was pretty intense. He would just stop for a second, and then slam me really hard." She wants to do her first anal scene with Johnny Sins. "He told me I should wait, because I was just getting into porn. I'm glad he told me that, but I still want to do my first anal with him." She also wants to work with because "I love BBC. That's the site I used to watch all the time before I got into porn."

Grey enjoys riding dirt bikes and she plays upright bass. "I love that deep sound. I was going to play the viola in sixth grade, but then I heard the bass and I had to play it. I got good at it." Her words to live by are "Stop living like you'll live again." She elaborates: "I like to live my life to the fullest. Not be scared of anything. Sometimes I'll get the urge to do something pretty crazy. One time I got the urge to climb this crane after I got my cast off my ankle. I had been wanting to climb it for a while. I climbed it at night, by myself. My ankle was shaking."

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Chanel Grey is featured in the current issue of AVN magaizne; photo by Keith Ryan. Click here to see the digital edition.