Fresh Faces: Blaten Lee

“I always wanted to do this. I’m sad I waited so long.” That’s what Blaten Lee says about entering the adult industry in her early 30s. Her first scene was with male talent Andrew for Net Video Girls: “It was amazing. It was really fun. It had a lot of good dialogue to it. It was, like, being nervous, which I was anyway, so it worked out perfect.”

Lee describes her previous office career as “50 hours a week, basically, for a long time.” The breaking point came when she asked for a $1 raise and was turned down: “I had worked there for so long, and I saw these interns coming in and working for free—$100 a week—and the boss said, ‘I can pay them $100 a week and I don’t have to pay you.’ I was like, ‘Okay. Goodbye.’ I decided now was the time to change my life.”

In the adult industry, she likes “the freedom to sexually explore yourself and others—and I do enjoy it. I’ve always been a really sexual person, more horny than my boyfriend or whoever I was with at the time. Now that I’m here, it’s amazing how much I’ve learned. I have some years behind me, and I thought I knew a lot, but I’ve learned so much about myself. Things that I liked that I didn’t even know I like. I like people playing with my feet. Dirty talking. There’s so much. I’m so excited.”

Lee says she’d like to work with Lucas Frost (“He’s super cute”) and would like to do an orgy: “Seven or eight girls, and two or three guys. Instead of a sausage fest, we’d have a girl fest. I can just be one of the girls.”

Her interests include some thrill-seeking activities. “I did rodeo in high school,” Lee says. “Team roping, goat roping, stuff like that.” And she also loves NASCAR—“but I like any fast car. I like to drive a lot. Ride motorcycles fast, too.”

At 33, she refers to herself as “a new baby-MILF,” observing, “It’s the risks you don’t take that you regret.”

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