Fresh Faces: Belle O'Hara

Belle O'Hara is featured in the November 2019 issue of AVN magazine. See the digital edition here.

When Belle O'Hara came to AVN Talent Night for an interview at the end of August, she was still going by her first nom de porn: Charley Chaplin.

"It just started as a joke. Somebody said 'Charley' and I said 'Chaplin' and I thought that would be perfect."

The new performer found an agent on, and her first scene was an anal scene with "I looked a little too confused. I'm already a nervous person, I didn't mean to go overboard. I liked how normal it was. I love being filmed. I was nervous because it was something I’d wanted for a while. The worst-case scenario was that I'd hate it. Afterwards, I was, like, 'Why did I think I wouldn't like it?'"

Her favorite scene so far was a bi scene with "two men with each other and li'l old me." She elaborates: "It was my husband's friend, and we were going to have a threesome, but they weren't going to be with each other. That was my first time with two men who were with each other, which was very exciting for me because all of my lovers have been open to being with men—but I only found out near the end of the relationship. I've been wanting this for a long, long time. Gay porn was the first porn that I watched. Two men. I was nervous that I was going to look too excited. I didn't feel left out, they were fucking me too.”

The tattoo of Nefertiti on her ribcage has a story behind it: "I wanted Cleopatra. She used her wiles to appear to be what she needed to be to get what she wanted to get. I was personal assistant to a hiphop artist and we were in the studio and she hired a tattoo artist to tattoo anybody who was there. She told me 'Take two Xaxax for the pain' and I did. I looked on Google for what I wanted and I thought 'I've never seen that version of her.' I told everybody it was Cleopatra until somebody in a liquor store said 'That's Nefertiti.' I had to stay there for a full minute, processing the new information. [laughter]"

She likes to write stream-of-consciousness poetry ("I can't do fiction. I can't just make something up.") and attend live music performances ("I love piano bars,") Her words to live by are "Every dollar you spend is a vote you cast for the world you want to live in": "I don't eat meat, I like to buy local. I'm really careful where I buy my makeup, I'm against cruelty in any form. [Makeup companies] will make it a point and they'll put it on their package.”

O'Hara says she likes how normalized sex is on set. "I feel like sex should be discussed, but I don’t discuss it with just anyone. Boundaries."

Follow her Twitter: @BelleOharaXXX.

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