Fresh Faces: Alyce Anderson

This article originally ran in the August 2018 issue of AVN magazine. Find the digital edition here.

Alyce Anderson’s stint in adult video may be just an interlude in her ongoing college career as a student of microbiology. She’s having a swell time as a budding porn star but says, “I do want to finish my degree and work in the normal world for a while. But then I think I want to come back in a MILF phase, if possible. I definitely want to do this but I am currently working at going to school, or trying to, at the same time.”

Born in Michigan, the blue-eyed blonde went to high school and one year of college in Palmdale (north Los Angeles County) when her military-affiliated parents “got moved out here because of my dad’s job. And I just stayed.”

So far she “absolutely loves” being part of the porn industry.

She had been thinking about getting into it for a while, “but I had no idea how to go about it. It was happenstance. I was at this party and I met a guy who used to be in porn and we got to talking about it. He was making introductions for me—and here I am.”

Her first scene was a “daughter-swap scene [] with Eric John, whom I now rent a room from. So we did our first scene together. And now we like live together, which is kind of funny.”

It was her second scene, though, that she “really enjoyed”: a scene for “It was with Romeo Price. It was a thing where I went to the psychotherapist cuz I couldn’t come and we played this game to where it would help me be able to come. It was actually pretty fun. I kind of forgot I was shooting for a while.”

Another high point was Young and Curious 5 for Digital Sin. “It was with Lucas Frost. He was my boyfriend but my parents were home so it was hush-hush. It was a pretty good scene, I really enjoyed it—everyone was super nice.”

She has also dabbled in girl/girl. “I’ve done two so far. My first one was with Chloe Cherry [for TrenchcoatX] and then Arya Fae [for Girlsway]. And they were both super-awesome.”

High on her wish list, along with wanting to shoot for Evil Angel, is IR. “So far I haven’t had my first IR scene yet, and this is definitely something I’m looking forward to. I would definitely like to work with Jax Slayher; he’s pretty cool. There’s a lot of people I’d like to work with. Personally, I love Sammie Six to death, so that would be fun. I just kind of meet people as it goes along, and I’m good.”

For relaxation, she says, “I watch more Netflix than probably any person should. I also love Star Wars and Harry Potter and the beach.”

The pluses of working in adult? “Well, obviously, it’s nice to go to work and be able to come and get paid for it,” she laughs. “That’s definitely something I haven’t done before. Also I really like the people in the industry. I find that they’re a lot more honest, a lot more open, super nice.”

She attended the AVN convention in January, and was suitably impressed. “It was awesome. The red carpet was really weird to me. Because there were all of these people taking photos of me. And that kind of put it into perspective as to how many people actually see me. I felt like a real celebrity for a minute.”

By now that has turned into much more than a minute.

To book Alyce Anderson, contact ATMLA. Find her on Twitter: @alyceandersonxx.