Fresh Faces: Alina Lopez

LOS ANGELES—Alina Lopez remembers dreaming about veteran performer Mick Blue before coming to Porn Valley in October to make her adult industry debut.

“There were so many nerves,” Lopez recalls. “This was my last night sleeping in my bed before I go to LA and I had a dream that night that I was on set and I was giving Mick Blue head. And my neck was in a weird position but I didn’t want to stop because the cameras were rolling.”

So she found a way to save the shoot.

“I just kept going and I ended up passing out on set because my neck was kinked,” Lopez jokes.

“But when I passed out on set and hit the floor I woke up in real life—and my neck was weird on my pillow. That’s why I was dreaming it, because my neck was cranked to the side. I was dreaming about what I was feeling in real life. I was like, ‘What the fuck just happened?’”

The 22-year-old former gymnast had never met Blue, the Austrian porn superstar who is the three-time AVN Male Performer of the Year. 

“But I watched a lot of his scenes. I was a big fan of his,” Lopez admits, noting there only were a few girls—Jenna Sativa and Angela White, in particular—that caught her attention when she was a civilian. “I was watching I think it was Dani Daniels because she was another girl that I liked. I watched a lot of her scenes where she’s with guys. I don’t even look at the guy. I don’t even care. But she shot with Mick and I was like, ‘Who’s that guy? He’s hot.”

It wasn’t until in early April—almost six months after Lopez did her first sex scene—that she met Blue in person. Their scene from that day is featured in the BAM Visions DVD, Creampied Vixens 2 , that will be released through Evil Angel in June.

“First of all I think she’s very beautiful and an exceptional new performer,” Blue tells AVN. “I think she’s going to have a great future in the industry. She truly enjoy what she does and it’s such a pleasure to work with her.”

Blue reveals Lopez did tell him about her dream.

“I think it was mid-scene when we changed the spot we were having sex,” recalls Blue, a veteran of more than 2500 scenes in the past 18 years who has since worked with Lopez a second time for Reality Kings.

“I felt very… flattered. To be honest it was a first. That was the first time that a girl told me that and I did believe her.”

He continues, “It’s just great chemistry with her. When you have new girls coming into the industry the first thing that comes to mind is OK, are we going to see more of this girl in the future? Is this girl going to be Best New Starlet caliber? I definitely think Alina Lopez has Best New Starlet potential this year.”

Indeed Lopez, who still resides in St. George, Utah, about 90 minutes northeast of Las Vegas, is one of the most requested performers on agent Mark Spiegler’s big-name roster. She travels to the Valley every other week to shoot and at post time was booked until September 3rd, Spiegler tells AVN.

“She’s doing great,” Spiegler says. “Everybody has really liked her. Besides being a good performer, she’s charming on set and she’s a good actress.”


But the beginning did not go as planned for Lopez, who was scheduled to do three scenes in her opening week—all for Greg Lansky’s high-end studios.

“What ended up happening is I got to Spiegler’s house on a Friday and Saturday and Sunday I spent time meeting people and my first shoot was booked for Monday,” Lopez explains. “I started to feel kind of sick on Sunday. I was like I’m not getting sick right now, it’s just my allergies, because he has a cat. Then I go to my shoot on Monday and it was for Blacked Raw.

“It was amazing. It was a great shoot but I definitely had a really bad headache the whole time and then by Tuesday I had full-blown flu—like so bad. I could not even get out of bed and I had to cancel all my shoots. I was too sick to work and I was too sick to drive home.

“And I’m stuck at Spiegler’s house and we don’t even know each other. Here I am cancelling all my shoots on him and just laying in his guest bedroom. I finally got well enough to drive home and I was just like, I’m never going to hear from him again. There’s no way. In my mind it was a disaster. I felt horrible. Then he called me a couple days later, ‘When can you come out next?’ And I was like, ‘Alright. I guess we’re doing this.’”

Lopez says her first impression of Spiegler, who has represented five of the past six AVN Female Performer of the Year winners, was “he’s a no-nonsense guy.”

“And he is, but he still has a heart,” she adds. “But he didn’t know me and I’m pretty tough when I get sick. I can usually still go to work. But adult film is a completely different situation. You don’t want to get other people sick and you’re really active. I really couldn’t do it. I didn’t know if he thought I was just being dramatic or faking it. I just hoped that he understood. And he did, clearly, because he wanted me back.

“I came back a couple weeks later and shot some more and those all were great and then we kind of established a schedule that I would just come out every other week and work.”

Her first sex scene—with Blacked Raw go-to guy Jason Luv—went well, all things considered.

“I didn’t want anyone to know that I was feeling sick, that my head was pounding,” Lopez says. “Before we got started I was nervous. I had never had sex in front of that many people. I had never done camming or anything like that but I like people watching me. I get off to that.”

In touch with her kinky side, Lopez would secretly masturbate on the video chat site, Chatroulette, before porn.

“But that’s still not the same as being on a porn set,” she says. “So I was nervous but I think I held it together pretty well. I didn’t let it show. As soon as the sex started I was like, this is my element. This is what I do. I felt great after that. I felt confident. I knew I delivered a good scene even though it was my first one. And it’s done really well. It’s one of the top-rated scenes on the Blacked Raw site.”

With about 50 scenes on her resume—several of which have yet to be released—Lopez is making a strong case for being one of this year’s top newcomers to watch. Still making the rounds with the major studios, Lopez already has done multiple shifts for Brazzers, starting with their veteran contract guy Keiran Lee. She has since completed two more scenes for the heavyweight studio in Vegas—a three-way with Cherie DeVille and Isiah Maxwell, and a boy/girl with Johnny Castle.

“I see a lot of potential in her,” Brazzers director Vic Lagina tells AVN. “Aside from her natural beauty, she conducted herself as a true professional. I hate praising certain things that should be a common characteristic—like making a flight, being prepared and learning one’s script—but she wanted to excel in all facets and she did. The result was two great scenes for Brazzers. My only complaint is that I wish I was shooting her more.”


Aside from her Blacked Raw scene that “will always be one of my favorites,” Lopez points to her three-way with A-list couple Kissa Sins and Johnny Sins for SinsLife as one of her most memorable encounters.

“It was amazing and even Kissa was texting me when she was editing, ‘This is the most beautiful and sensual scene that we’ve ever shot,’” Lopez says. "They just had GoPros set up. There were no other people there. We were fully able to have sex the way we wanted to.”

Lopez ran into Johnny Sins, who has almost 1400 scenes to his credit and won the fan-voted 2018 AVN Award for Favorite Male Porn Star, by chance at Talent Testing in Vegas.

“I saw Johnny there and I was still brand new. So I was like, ‘You’re Johnny Sins’ and I talked to him. I was totally crushing on him. And I took a picture with him and he was really sweet,” Lopez says.

“I left and I texted the picture to Mark [Spiegler] and I was like, ‘Look who I ran into at Talent Testing!’ And he was like, ‘I know.’  And I was like, ‘What do you mean you know?’ He said, ‘Right after you left, Johnny called Kissa and Kissa called me wanting to book you.’”

“Alina is a natural beauty and I was excited she knew who I was!” Johnny Sins tells AVN. “I thought this girl is going to be huge. I found out she was already with Spiegler Girls and thought everybody else must think the same thing! We took a pic together and I told Kissa, who was waiting in the truck, to check out this girl I just met.”

Even though the booking did not happen for a few months because of her schedule and then all three coming down with the “AVN flu,” when they finally got together to shoot, tensions ran high—in a good way.

“I've worked with Alina twice now, once for SinsLife and once for Vixen and she is an amazing performer,” Johnny Sins continues. “Actually, she is one of those girls that doesn't need to ‘perform,’ she just loves what she does and it shows. Add to that she seems like a down-to-earth, humble girl and with all of those qualities I know she will go very far in this business.”

Kissa Sins, who won an AVN Award in January for Best Girl/Girl Sex Scene with Katrina Jade, calls Lopez her “porn sister.”

“Love, love, love Alina!” Kissa tells AVN. “We decided that we are porn sisters because we love each other that much and we look like we could be sisters—twisted sisters!

“When I first heard about Alina she had just bumped into Johnny at Talent Testing and he said he just met the hottest girl! I looked her up right then and there and texted Spiegler and booked her that very moment.”

Kissa continues, “I think Alina is the next big thing in porn and I’m happy I’ve gotten to fuck her twice so far. In our threesome for we just put a camera on a tripod and fucked and loved each other for over an was magical.”


Born in Seattle—the fifth of seven siblings—Lopez grew up in a conservative Mormon household. She moved to Mesa, Arizona, when she was 5 to be closer to her mother’s native Mexico, staying in the Valley of the Sun until 2009 when her parents divorced. Then she went with her mom to Utah.

“She had been a stay-at-home-mom for 25 years, so she struggled finding a job. I just moved with her to Utah to live with family until she could get on her feet and then just never left,” Lopez says. “I went to middle school in Arizona. My very first year of high school was in Utah.”

She says St. George is located “in the middle of nowhere” surrounded by desert.

“There’s two bars in the whole town and they're very trashy,” she says. “There’s not much to do. It’s a retirement-oriented town and if you’re not an elderly person, you’re a young family. I do not fit in there.

“So me and my small group of friends go to Vegas. That’s where we go to have fun.”

Before adult, Lopez worked as a solar panel technician for about a year. 

“Whenever someone got a new system I would go to their house and meet with them and just let them know about the company, like how to monitor their system online,” she says.

But when customers would ask her questions during the home visits she would always have to tell them, “We’re going to have to get a tech out here because I don’t know the answer to that.”

“It’s annoying to send so many people out so they started training me to be a tech,” Lopez says. "Then I started learning how to commission systems and restart them when they would have problems or the power would get shut off. So I was working as customer service and a basic technician.

“I really liked working there. That was last January of 2017 all the way up until—it kind of overlapped when I started porn and then I quit there to just go full time into porn.”

When business at the solar panel company slowed, she also took a job at a boarding school for troubled kids.

“Which I totally loved and I actually was really sad to go because I worked with special needs youth all through high school, tutoring them and being their guide around school,” says Lopez, who as a youngster modeled for department stores such as Dillard's and Nordstrom.

“… I kind of had three jobs at once. I was phasing out of solar, getting this job at the boarding school and doing porn trying to figure out how things we’re going to work out. As soon as things really started working with porn then I quit the school. I only worked there for like a month and a half.”


Lopez, who counts interior design, photography and Yoga among her hobbies, says she became intrigued with adult entertainment during a family trip to Vegas, where she saw the dozens of escort cards strewn on the sidewalk that dot The Strip.

“I remember finding those on the ground and I was like, ‘What is this? Who are these girls in these pictures?’ I want to do that,” she recalls.

“Then I just started researching strippers and stuff like that. I just always wanted to do it and I’ve always been a really sexual person. It was on my mind basically. I thought as soon as I turn 18 I’m gonna do it! But then life got in the way and it kind of got pushed back for a minute. Then just last year I finally felt like it was a good time and I was ready. I just started researching agents and it didn’t take me long to find out that Mark would be a good person to contact.”

Now she says she’d like to take her porn career as far as she can go.

“I look at girls like Riley Reid and Asa Akira and they’ve really made a career out of this. I really hope to be able to do that for myself as well,” Lopez says.

Her agent Spiegler says Lopez, who also coached gymnastics in St. George—her best event was the vault—is showing promise.

“Here’s the thing. She could be really big as long as she keeps her head on her shoulders,” Spiegler says. “Some girls get really big heads and that’s kind of a downfall. Girls that made it really big and stayed there like Riley and Angela and Asa, they’re grounded. They’re not walking around saying, ‘Oh, I’m a star.’ As Kendrick Lamar says, they 'stay humble.'"

Lopez hopes to let her performances do the talking. The tattoo on her ribs says “it’s not time to worry yet.”

“It’s a quote from ‘To Kill a Mockingbird,'" she says. "That’s my favorite book."

She also has a rose tattooed on the back of her neck “because Rose is my middle name and it’s really symbolic to me.”

“Because growing up, my whole life was rose-themed. All my clothes had roses on it. All my bedding had roses, so of course I had to get a rose tattoo,” Lopez reasons. “Then the one on my ass just says ‘Kiss Me.’ It’s kind of a joke.

"These two are so meaningful and then I have this one on my ass. Me and my friend went and it was super spontaneous. She got ‘Wild One’ and I got ‘Kiss Me.’ … Probably going to regret that one later.”




Photos by Jeff Koga