Fresh Faces: Adria Rae

This article originally ran in the February 2016 issue of AVN magazine. Click here to see the digital edition.

Hometown: Grand Rapids, MI | Age: 19 | Height: 5-foot-5 | Weight: 110 pounds | Hair: Brown | Eyes: Green

Tiny brunette Adria Rae's only been in the L.A.-based adult industry since August 2015, but through no fault of her own, she managed to get into trouble right from the start.

"When I first got into the industry, I was given the name 'Aspen Reign' by the people at PornPros, the first company I worked for," she explained, "but once my scenes came out, the real Aspen Reign actually contacted me and was a little upset that I took her name, so when I signed with LA Direct, my agency now, we decided to change my name to Adria Rae."

To be fair, though, Adria had actually been doing porn for more than a year before that first movie shoot.

"I had seen girls online doing webcamming, a couple of girls I had followed on social media and stuff, and I was just seeing how well they were doing, so when I turned 18, I signed up for MyFreeCams and started my shows right away," she said. "I did that for about a year back home, and I was actually recruited off of one of my shows to do porn, so ... And it's kind of crazy how fast all this time has gone by, but I've really enjoyed it, I had a lot of fun with it, and it's gotten me out of my bedroom just webcamming and into interacting with real people, which is nice and it's definitely more upbeat, faster paced, and more fun.

"I'd moved out of my parents' house right after high school and I was paying my own bills, supporting myself, so it was nice side money at night when I wasn't working my regular two jobs during the day," she added. "I worked in the mall most of my life, lots of retail, and I also worked in a financial firm for about six months and that's the other thing that pushed me to do this. I was sitting in a cubicle every single day without a window and I just wanted to wrap the phone cord around my neck every day, so when I got the offer to fly out and be able to interact with people who had this experience, I was all over it; I was like, 'Yes, get me out of this office!'"

But even before her camming experience, Adria had a long interest in adult content.

"I always liked to watch a variety of stuff," she admitted. "I was very curious about everything so I would go across the map, but the one thing I would find myself watching the most was the fetish stuff, the bondage and the hardcore stuff like that, which I really enjoyed watching. And then when I actually got to experience it firsthand, as myself, it was that much better. It was pretty awesome."

Adria considers herself something of a "small girl" niche performer, and one of her favorite scenes so far is one she did for the website Petite Ballerinas Fucked Hard.

"That scene I did, 'Nubiles,' was particularly fun because we didn't have a bed or couch or anything; it was all over this ballet bar, so it was very acrobatic, the positions were so wild, it was crazy, and we were all sore by the end of it," she recalled. "But it was a lot of fun, and we had a really good time on set, and the people I worked with—Piper Perri, Hope Harper, Johnny Castle—were awesome. It was also the first fourway I had ever done, two other girls and a guy. It was a lot of tits 'n' ass.

"I also worked for this site Tiny 4K, where they take the tiniest girls, who are all under 100 pounds or whatever, and they stick them with the biggest guys they can find. I worked with Bambino, and I really liked it because it was fun and the scene turned out really cute and flirty and very teenyboppery. I liked how it turned out."

Adria's love of fetish may help explain why this movie buff is so taken with brain-freezing horror flicks.

"My favorite movie of all time would probably be The Shining, which scared the shit out of me when I was a little kid, and still to this day it still is a good psychological thriller. I like those movies where it's kind of twisted, messes with your brain a little bit. Jack Nicholson plays such a good psycho in all his movies.

"I'm definitely a scary movie fan; more of the thriller type. I really liked Shutter Island with Leonardo DiCaprio; I recommend it."

Though officially in the adult business for about six months, Adria nonetheless has given some thought as to where she'd like her career path to take her.

"I would eventually like to buy and sell real estate; that's originally what I wanted to do, because I've always loved architecture but I never wanted to go to eight years of college to become one, so I thought buying and selling it would be easier, and besides, sales is in my blood," she said. "My dad was a traveling salesman; I've worked in retail pretty much my whole life, so that's another thing I would like to do. Also, another dream that's off in the distance, I would love to open my own website someday and have girls shooting and directing and having a more female presence on set, because there are a lot of guys working cameras and directing you, and I know there are so many girls that would like to be there going, 'Do this, do that; get this done,' and I would love to bring that into porn.

"And I would love to direct a movie. I think that would be so fun; it would be awesome. I've been watching how the crew does things. That's another reason I want to work for Kink, because a lot of people that work for Kink are females, and a lot of the ones that are directing are females, so it's kind of a safe, comfortable environment."

Adria is also a keen observer of the human condition, as evidenced by one of her favorite quotes, "The suit does not make the man."

"That quote came from my grandfather," she explained. "It's actually an old French Catholic saying. The original text was, 'He who wears the robe is not the Pope,' and they were just kind of saying, don't judge a book by its cover; just because somebody says they're something doesn't necessarily mean they're that on the inside. So I really liked that, especially considering what I do in this industry. It's like this is my job but it's not necessarily who I am. I'm still a pretty down-to-earth, pretty average, normal girl."

Fans who'd like to communicate with this "pretty average, normal girl" can do so on Instagram and Twitter @adriaxrae, and on SnapChat @adriaraexxx.

Adria Rae is represented by LA Direct Models.