Fresh Face: Interview With Lily Jordan

LOS ANGELES—Newcomer Lily Jordan says she’s fallen in love with the adult industry.

“I love it so much, it’s way better than I thought it would ever be,” Jordan says. “I hope I’m always in love with it.”

The fans do, too.

A native of Beverly Hills, Calif., the 18-year-old performer remembers being wary of what porn would be like before she decided to go for it.

“I thought it’d be creepy. But it was totally the opposite,” she tells AVN.

The up-and-coming starlet first became intrigued with adult after seeing a few documentaries on TV. Not all of what was depicted in those docs was positive, but Jordan remained interested in finding out more.

“A lot of the documentaries were anti-porn so there was a lot of scary stuff they were talking about. That was why I was mainly scared, but I wanted to do it at the same time,” she admits. “Then I called an agency, which is ATMLA. And I was just like, ‘how do I become a porn star?’”

She sent in her photos, came in for a meeting and signed on for representation. Six months and 40-something sex scenes later, the petite brunette is fielding repeat bookings and appears positioned to reach bonafide porn stardom if she stays the course shooting for a growing number of blue-chip producers.

“Lily Jordan not only started off well, she continues to accelerate,” ATMLA owner Mark Schechter tells AVN. “It was quite apparent from the get go that she was going to do extremely well. … I am really excited for her and her success.”

Looking back, Jordan wasn’t thrilled with her first-ever scene, noting it was her second one for Team Skeet that really grabbed her.

“I loved it,” she recalls. “We went to this really beautiful house. It was this mansion and everyone was so nice. They’re always complimenting you. And I just love attention so I was just having fun. I love being naked and literally doing whatever I want and no one judges you at all. It was just awesome. I was still nervous but I loved the acting part. It was the most acting I’ve actually ever done in a scene. I was a horny girlfriend and I shipped myself in a box to see my boyfriend.”

The calls began to pour for Jordan’s services after those first few shoots. She has since worked for a diverse group of studios, including Brazzers, Mofos, Hustler, Elegant Angel, Nubiles, Adam & Eve, New Sensations, Digital Sin, North Pole, Teen Fidelity, Colette, Lubed, ATK, BAM Visions and several others.

“I worked for PornPros like five times. I did a lot for Porn Pros when I was first beginning,” she says. “I worked for Team Skeet a few times and then I worked for Naughty America.

“Oh my god, the Brazzers scene I got out of my shell because I worked with this girl Kelsi Monroe and she’s like wild and I kind of just let loose that day.”

The scene titled “What the Client Wants the Client Gets” for Brazzers’ site, also included Sean Lawless.

“It was just awesome because I was so excited to work for Brazzers. I was like so freakin’ excited,” Jordan says, noting she had heard of Brazzers pre-porn. “I wasn’t about to be quiet when Kelsi is like super extreme.

“And then the next day when I was in Florida that’s when I did my Mofos scene which actually came out recently with JMac for []. That one was awesome. I loved it.”

Jordan watched some porn before she got started, but doing it for real has given her a whole new perspective.

“I didn’t know much,” she remembers. “I knew what I didn’t want to sound like. When I would watch porn before I would be like, this girl is so extra. But then I realized that sometimes that’s what you have to do. That’s one of the things that I learned.”

The half-Bolivian, half-American hottie confesses she was a “troublemaker” in high school that kept people guessing.

“I was always known as a slut,” Jordan says. “But I was really, really popular and I just didn’t really give a fuck. I just did whatever I wanted. And then when I got out of high school I worked. The first job I ever had was at a weed dispensary and a bunch of porn stars would come in.

“And one time the Wu-Tang Clan came in with this porn star and I was just talking to them. I don’t even remember who she was. And basically because of my [real] last name my whole life everyone was always telling me I should do porn. Everyone would be like, ‘you look like this porn star. You would be such a good porn star.’ So I always had that being pushed in my head. I was like always thinking about it. But I never thought I would do it—ever.”

Now Jordan says she’s committed to doing it well.

“I know I’m going to do good. I’m going to try. I’m not going to get cocky, but I’m just going to do my best.”

She’s not worried about what her friends think because they all know, and so does her mom.

“She was pissed off at first but now she’ll text me and say ‘I’m so grateful to have you as a daughter. You opened my eyes. I shouldn’t be  judgmental and only see things the way I see them,’” Jordan adds. “It makes me really happy because I have a support system and all my friends know what I’m doing. They love it, you know. They’re all excited. They love hearing about it.”

Jordan at the time of this interview said she didn’t know who she wanted to work with next, but she did say she wouldn’t mind being “a Penthouse Pet.”

In her spare time, there’s a good chance she’s at an animal shelter. 

“I feel like everyone says this but I really mean it. I love animals. So I actually do volunteer but with my mom. My mom’s like my best friend,” Jordan says. “Besides that when I go out I go clubbing, like all that young girl stuff. I get my nails done, go shopping. But the main thing that I really would want to do for another career is I want to run my own [pet] adoption shelter, like a no-kill shelter. That’s where I spend a lot of time. And I adopted my dog, too. That’s what really sparked that interest, too. It’s a terrier mix.”

When it comes to her sexual tastes, she reveals an affinity for rough sex and “being dominated.”

“Every time I watch a video no matter how much I love it I always say this is what I’m going to do next time or I’m not going to do that,” Jordan says. “So I’m just always trying to make it better.”

Photo by Jeff Koga.