Fresh Face: Interview with Chanell Heart

This interview originally ran in the August 2014 issue of AVN magazine.

Hometown: Pittsburgh, Pa. | Age: 21 | Stats: 5-foot-3-1/2, 32B-26-38 | Eyes: Brown | Hair: Auburn “with a little flavor at the ends”

Chanell Heart has brought her distinctive name (“Like Coco, but with two L’s”) and lithe frame to some 75 scenes since she started shooting about a year ago. We seized the opportunity to talk with her at this early stage in her career.

How did you start with this?

It started out as just research—me just seeing how far I could go. Let me watch some pornos, then let me read a little bit, see what's going on in the industry, shop some agencies, and then I just started talking to people. To see if it was something I really, really wanted. Right before I bought my plane ticket to come out here I contacted Misty Stone, and we had such a good conversation that I was willing to give it a try.

What did you do before this?

Once I got out of high school I went to college. I majored in early education and childhood development. Then I decided I didn't want to be a teacher. I got out of school; I started working. I was a retail manager for a year and a half, selling accessories, earrings, purses, girly stuff—I did a lot of ear piercings—and then I was over it. I wanted to get of of my scene and start over. Just do something totally different with my life. ... I didn't want a freakin' boring life, so I made a decision.

How many scenes have you done now?

Between 75 and 80 since I started on June 6, 2013. My porniversary.

What's the best scene you've done so far?

I just shot for Penthouse recently, and the cast was just awesome. I really liked to be there. It was Misty Stone and Prince Yahshua and Tyler Knight and Ana Foxxx, and I was really glad to be a part of that production. I think it was called "Dirty Talk" or "Talk Dirty to Me."

My favorite released scene was with Mike Adriano for Evil Angel. That was one of my first really intense scenes, a crazy blowjob with a lot of face fucking. That was my entrance into really hardcore porn: Choke on the dick, and stick your tongue out to lick his balls. I did it. It's in Slurpy Throatsluts 2.

Who do you want to work with that you haven't worked with yet?

I really want to work with Bonnie Rotten. I want her to squirt all over me, all over my face, fuck up my makeup. I want to be a part of that. I want to help her squirt. I haven’t worked with a girl who actually squirts, and she's a tattooed fucking goddess to me. I like her look. She has a mean look, but I know she's not mean. She's intriguing to me.

How is making videos different from what you thought?

I was scared, because you hear things about the adult industry. I was nervous about what I was getting into. It was different because everybody was so fucking cool. Everybody was so nice and personable. I've never had a bad time on set, and I'm thankful for that. It's been positive.

Do you like working in the adult industry?

I love it. I like being somebody that guys fantasize about. I like being a fantasy. I enjoy knowing that I'm turning guys on and getting them off, and they like seeing me. I feel that I'm somebody important to them. I'm kind of an attention whore in that way, because I like my fans and I like communicating with them. That's my favorite thing about it.

What's the biggest misconception outsiders have of the adult industry?

I think people think that we are constantly having sex. People think every day we're doing something whorish. It's not like that. I probably work four or five times a month. And it's not always boy/girl, with somebody pounding at my vag. People get this perception that we're all-around sluts and we don't care, but it's exactly the opposite. I've met so many intelligent and beautiful women and I think, "You're a slut? You're an awesome slut."

What are your biggest turn-ons?

I like dirty talk. I like choking. I like a little bit of pain, too. I'm into getting my nipples pinched, some biting. ... [Smile] It makes me happy.

Describe your dream sexual scenario.

I have this really cool rape fantasy. I'm in bed, and I'm sleeping, and suddenly someone's there and they start fuckin' with me. He grabs my arm, then he pulls away, then he grabs my leg, and I'm pushing away, then he puts his hand over my mouth and rips my shirt off and fucks me senseless. I want it to start off really slow and creepy, and then get stalker-ish. I actually want to shoot that.

Is there anything you're looking forward to in your career?

Anal, when I'm ready. Right now my asshole is a virgin, so I'm kind of scared, but I'm not scared. I'll do a little butt plug but as soon as a penis comes in I'm like, "Uh, I don't know." It's something I look forward to doing. I want to love it.

What three personal items would you take if you were stranded on a desert island?

Carmex, water and my cell phone. I want my lips moisturized, I want to be hydrated, and I want to be able to talk to people. And I can watch porn from my phone. [Chuckle]

What's the most valuable life lesson you've learned?

Don’t put all your eggs into one basket. Since I'm so new to porn, I'm concerned about being led astray. So many girls get caught up in the now, and I'm worried about my future. I don't want to work hard at this and not think about where I'm gong to be five or ten years from now. I want longevity. I want to be here years from now. I want to leave a mark.

How would you spend your last day on earth?

With my family. I'm a big sissy like that. Doing a lot of nothing, just being together.

How would your best friends describe you?

Personable. I get that a lot. Sweet, genuine. Moody. I have my ups and my downs. Sometimes I'm really happy and sometimes I hate life. Tread carefully.

How do you spend your free time?

I'm an Xbox One player. I play a lot of video games. I'm 420-friendly. I like to relax. When I'm out the biggest thing I'm thinking about is getting a massage. I want to go to a spa and get my back rubbed on. I'm a laid-back person.

If you weren't doing this, what would you like to be doing?

Let me think. ... I know I would definitely be in Los Angeles. Southern California is amazing. I'd like to be working in entertainment. I'd like to be a screenwriter, if anything.

Do you have a long-range plan?

Yes. I'm going back to school in September, I think I'm going to major in computer science because I really want to work in technology. I want to have a degree to fall back on. Do computer science, start my own website, and see how far I can go.


Food you would be able to eat every day: French fries. Bacon. Macaroni and cheese.

Best concert you've been to: I went to a 420 music festival recently. I saw Rebelution, Cypress Hill, Juicy J was there. It was cool. We were backstage.

Pet peeves: Liars. Dishonest people. And popping gum. I can't stand the sound of a bitch popping gum. I'm just like, "Bitch, shut up. Just chew it." Everybody doesn’t need to know it's good.

One thing you would like to change about yourself: I don't know. Boobs? I could go for bigger tits. But I don't want to do it now, because I like the fact that I look young. In a couple of years maybe I'll get a nice boob job, get some nice D-cups goin' on.

What gets you in the mood: It could be the way somebody touches me. I like when I'm on set and I can feel somebody's chemistry. I can feel that they're attracted to me. Could be anything from the way they grab my thigh to the way pull my face when they kiss me. Or the way they slap my face, because you know I like that too....

Is there anything else we should know about you? You should know that I'm here to stay. You guys can look forward to seeing more and more of Chanell Heart—because I'm not going anywhere. I want to direct and I want to get good at screenwriting, because I want to do a lot of different productions. I want to bridge the gap between regular modeling and the porn industry. I'd like to do a softcore soap opera. Do it hardcore and let the softcore people know about it. Show them they don't have to be such fuckin' prudes. You can be open sexually, and have fun, and still have an awesome production. See how far I can go.

Pictured above in Lesbian Beauties 12: Interracial from Sweetheart Video