Fresh Face: Interview with Cassandra Nix

AVN checks in with Ohio-born Cassandra Nix, who's already taking Porn Valley by storm at age 19. Pictured here at left in The Teacher's Pet (Joey Silvera/Evil Angel) and at right in Trained Teens 4 (Jules Jordan Video).

You’re from a small town in Ohio. So what made you get into the adult business?
I’ve always watched porn and had been curious about doing it. I thought about it and it took me a while to make the decision. I never had the balls to go through with it … until now!
Were you a porn fan prior to performing? What kind of porn did you watch? Any favorite stars?
I watched porn with boyfriends and friends. Most of what I watched was gonzo but it got old after a while and lacked creative appeal.

Had you done any nude modeling or webcam work prior to your hardcore debut?
I webcammed when I moved out to L.A. earlier this year for about a month.

You’re only 19. Is part of your desire in performing to learn more about yourself sexually, or to test your limits?
I had only been with two people before I started performing. I definitely wanted to explore other people and new things; I felt like I needed to have those experiences, and now, I am.

What’s you favorite thing about being in front of the camera?
Without a doubt, being watched.

What’s your ultimate ambition in the industry? Do you see this as a career?
I want to take it as far as I can and take advantage of the opportunity I’m given. I definitely see it as a career; this is something I’m investing myself in.

What are your “must-own” DVDs for people who want to check you out?
I’m not certain of everything that’s out right now, but check out some of my DVDs by Evil Angel (The Teacher’s Pet), Jules Jordan Video (Trained Teens 4), Filly Films (Lesbian Cheerleaders and New Girls on the Block), and Lethal Hardcore (Couples Bang the Babysitter 6 and Seduced By a Lesbian 11).

What’s the biggest misconception outsiders have of the adult industry?
I come in contact with a lot of people, for whatever reason, who believe that the adult industry is this terrible place full of shitty people making tasteless products. Because the general society is so uncomfortable with sex they’re comfortable having this totally one-sided opinion. If they would educate themselves and learn about the industry I think they could produce an unbiased opinion.

What’s the best thing about performing? The worst?
I love performing—you get creative control to make it anything you want, for the most part. You’re a part of a creative process where everyone involved is striving to produce a good product. If I have a bad experience I try to learn from it.

How would you spend your last day on earth?
It’s gotta be somewhere outside and with people I care about.

What three items would you take if you were stranded on a desert island?
A bow and arrow, some flint and books to keep me sane.

What’s the most valuable life lesson you have learned?
To learn from my experiences; take the bad experiences with a grain of salt and move on quickly.

What are your biggest turn-ons?
I like confidence and flirtacious personalities.

What outside interests do you have? How do you spend your free time?
I love music and I like to make movies.

If you weren’t a performer, what other job would you like to have? What do you see yourself doing post-porn?
I really like cinematography. I’d be happy with a job in production.

How would your friends best describe you?
I’d like to think they would say I’m motivated and determined to get what I want.

Quick Hits

Food you would be able to eat every day: Chicken wings
Best concert you’ve been to: Metallica and Megadeth
Favorite movie: Fast Times at Ridgemont High
Pet peeves: Ignorance
One thing you’d like to change about yourself: Not be so much of a perfectionist
What gets you in the mood: Play fighting, tickling, biting, groping and touching

This article originally ran in the December 2011 issue of AVN magazine.