Fresh Face: Interview With Belle Noire

This article originally ran in the September 2013 issue of AVN.

The Basics

Hometown: Oklahoma City, Okla.
Height: 5-foot-4
Measurements: 33-26-34C
Hair: Black
Eyes: Brown

How did you get into this crazy business?

I started out modeling lingerie because a bunch of my friends were photographers and they needed a sensual model—I'm a sensual person—so I was seen on by Ken Marcus and started doing bondage stuff. So bondage is what really got me into porn. I met so many porn chicks who were cute and glamorous so I just started doing porn. That's really just how it happened. I also worked at porn shops when I was 18. I always loved porn, parodies especially.

Have you always been sexual?

Pretty much. I've been a burlesque dancer and pin-up model too. I was a Suicide Girl when I was younger. I've always loved being naked.

You have this vintage, burlesque-y vibe. I'm sure you hear that a lot.

I do. I just love that era. I guess you could say that I'm an old soul. I'm trying to be a little more mainstream for porn. I like the vintage look for sure, though. It's totally me.

When did you shoot your first actual porn video?

It was for Dungeon Corp, which was the first time I was penetrated on camera. I was really nervous because I just wanted to do stills at first, but being in theater before and in front of the camera, once I got on set I was like 'Oh my God! Lights and cameras! I'm gonna be a star!' [Laughs]. My first mainstream porno, I guess you could say, was for Dare Dorm.

What attracted you to the industry?

Well, I was going to college, and I was going to makeup and hair school, but I just loved being in front of the camera. I've always been overly sexual. Every job I've ever had I've been fired for being flirty or sexually inappropriate. I think I needed porn. It feels natural.

So I'm guessing this wasn't such a surprise for friends and family.

No, not at all. Everyone was so supportive. I haven't had one hater yet. My Dad and I don't really talk about it, though, and my Mom is getting to be more supportive because she sees porn is making me more grounded.

What's your favorite thing about the business?

That I can be myself completely. Any weirdness that I have I know will be accepted. Everyone is open sexually. I vibe so much better with the girls in porn too.

What was it like working in the porn shops?

Oh those were my favorite jobs ever. I never got fired from those places. I worked at Adam & Eve for a bit and then I worked at a much seedier place that had video arcades, so a lot of gay guys would come in there, older men—it was so much fun. Just being around porn was great. And I really liked giving advice to people on what to watch, what sex toys they'd like. It was almost like training for what I'm doing now. I loved helping people get off. I had such a knack for it.

Well, you're still helping people get off, just on another level now.

When I look in the camera I see an audience of fans jacking off to me. I want them to want me. I want them to know that I'm here for you. I could have been an escort, but I don't want to be in the shadows. I want everyone to see what I'm doing.

What were you like growing up?

I was always pretty girly, but I hung out with a lot of guys because I was pretty chill. I was very creative and took a lot of arts classes. I majored in history and minored in English so I'm kind of a nerd. I went to a Christian school.

If someone wanted to see the best of Belle Noire, what should they watch?

Recently I just did a scene for Naughty America with Johnny Castle. We clicked really well on camera. I also did a scene with Evan Stone for Hustler and that was so good. There's a new one coming out for Smash Pictures, also with Johnny Castle, and it's a shower scene. It was romantic and sensual. I like doing MILF scenes too. I did one [for Filly Films] with Tanya Tate and Veronica Avluv. It was a fantasy of mine.

What do you enjoying doing off set?

I really like going to Korean spas to relax; I'm a really chill person. Shopping, of course, flea markets, garage sales, even Goodwill.

Did you have concerns coming into the business?

Yeah, I was concerned that no one was going to want to shoot me because I don't have a typical look, and I did hear that from my agents; I guess at first they weren't too impressed with me. After I started shooting and getting positive feedback from producers they softened a bit.

Pictured: Belle Noire in Young & Glamorous 5 (Jules Jordan Video)