Fresh Faces: Aaliyah Hadid

Hometown: Sanford, North Carolina | Age: 21 | Height: 5-foot-6 | Weight: 125 pounds | 34D-26-37 | Hair: Blond | Eyes: Dark brown

Aaliyah Hadid describes herself as “a very simple girl, from North Carolina,” and she talks in an uninhibited rapid-fire stream-of-consciousness that’s a challenge to follow and hard to transcribe. She was in college and decided “I didn’t have my family’s support and I wasn’t going to pursue three degrees but broke and homeless,” so she started dancing in Virginia and the Virgin Islands, and then went into on-camera adult performing in Florida before moving to L.A.

Hadid has had her short-cropped hairstyle for the last year and a half: “I shaved it off, and narrowed it—and I looked like a cancer patient, mixed with a glowworm. It was really bad. I let it grow out a little. My hair grows really fast, so I go every week to get it cut.”

Her first scene with her L.A. representation was an anal gangbang for Dogfart. “I loved it. I told them, ‘My fans are calling me racist. I need a scene with black guys, big dicks, whatever you want me to do.’ They wanted to know if I would do d.p. but I haven’t done that, yet. I really, really want to. If I could say two names it would be Mandingo and Dredd. That would be really interesting.”

Her Twitter handle is @letmesuckyadick, and she has already reserved the domain name. “I love sucking dick. Some people like painting, some people like watching TV shows, some people like working out. I love sucking dick. It’s an art. That’s my fetish, sucking dick.” She got the line from comic Kevin Hart: “When a girl knows she’s wrong, that’s her first offer to a guy. It works for me.”

When asked what she’s looking forward to, Hadid said, “I’m actively stretching out my asshole, because I want to try fisting. Also a blow bang. I’ll do anything once. I came into the industry not eating ass. Now I’m eating ass. I came into the industry not putting anything in my butt. Now I’m doing that.”

Her words to live by: “When you want to succeed as much as you want to breathe, then you will be successful.”

Aaliyah Hadid is represented by OC Modeling. Find her on Twitter: @LetMeSuckYaDick.

This story originally appeared in the September 2017 issue of AVN magazine. Click here to see the digital edition.

Photo by Rick Garcia/@IndustryByRick. For more photos of Aaliyah Hadid taken at one of AVN's Talent Nights, click here.