Freedom Tour 2003 Wraps Up Without a Hitch

The 2003 Hustler Freedom Tour ended their four-city appearance over the holiday weekend with a patriotic bang as Larry Flynt, accompanied by Jenna Jameson, returned to Flynt’s roots in Ohio, birthplace of aviation and Hustler magazine.

Their appearances on the day before the Fourth of July included a “nooner” at the Hustler store in Cincinnati and an early evening bash at Hustler Hollywood Ohio where crowds easily hit four figures. Those in line to meet the duo were treated to an autograph and a complimentary Polaroid with Flynt and Jameson.

Flynt and Jameson's arrival on his private jet was met with patriotic music by a drum and fife player as a dozen girls greeted them like heroes returning from a war.

Despite predictions to the contrary, Flynt did indeed step foot in Cincinnati and Hamilton County, a frequently troublesome and sore spot for the head of the Hustler empire. On WLW radio prior to the personal appearances, Flynt bluntly called for a day of prayer asking for Simon Leis (the local sheriff) to drop dead.

After the signings were completed, Flynt made a brief appearance with Jameson in Cincinnati at the after party at Clau. Flynt retired early, but Jameson remained at this South Beach-themed club where many area VIPs like baseball player Ryan Dempster and others hung out as she posed for pictures on a big red bed in the club.

This marked Jameson’s second appearance in the area (she was here a year ago) and the fans were obviously in awe of her. “I have been waiting in line since this afternoon just to meet Jenna,” said a fan who drove hundreds of miles for the signing. “Jenna couldn’t have been a nicer, sweeter person. She looked fantastic.” Another lucky fan with the same initials as Jenna, Jim Jackson, won a round trip limo ride from nearby Dayton to meet the celebrities. Dayton was the home of Flynt’s first adult publication, Bachelor’s Beat, a newspaper tabloid that was the genesis of his publishing career.

Larry Flynt, according to Dustin Flynt, was impressed with the crowd which turned up during this holiday weekend. He was upset that he couldn’t sign for everyone as an estimated 500 people didn’t make it in due to time constraints. Dustin added that, “If we do this again, I will try to make it a 2-day event so everyone will have a chance to meet Larry.”