Free Speech Coalition Urges New Testing

This morning the Free Speech Coalition (FSC) issued an action alert regarding testing done at USAA Referral Service and West Oaks Urgent Care,joining AVN, the Adult Industry Medical Health Care Clinic (AIM) and other members of the adult industry in condemning the testing conducted by those companies. 

The FSC urged active members of the adult talent community who worked within the last four weeks to be re-tested immediately. 

"FSC is deeply concerned about your health. Because this may be a serious health issue, we recommend that all talent who have worked within the past four weeks be tested immediately,” FSC executive director Bill Lyon wrote in the action alert. 

The test these firms used for HIV testing was based on PCR-RNA testing rather than PCR-DNA testing. PCR-RNA testing is largely approved for monitoring patients with HIV and is not intended for diagnostic use. People who are known to have HIV have taken the PCR-RNA test and shown up negative. 

This means that people who tested at the either of the clinics in question do not have certain knowledge that their latest test was accurate. People who have worked with those people have possibly been exposed to HIV or other diseases. 

According the FSC announcement, various parties have estimated that between 10 and 210 people were tested during this four-week period by the clinics mentioned. It is advised that those people and the people that they worked with do not work in a sex performance capacity until they have been tested again.