Free Speech Coalition Creates Anti-Piracy Task Force

The Free Speech Coalition today announced the creation of a task force to study and address the issue of piracy in the adult entertainment industry.

“Piracy hurts our members’ bottom line,” said FSC Executive Director Diane Duke. “Piracy is an issue of importance to our members and, therefore, it is of importance to us.”

The coalition's Board of Directors decided to launch the task force at its June 30 meeting.

"We've had some different attorneys come in and speak to the board on the issue," Duke told AVN. "Greg Piccionelli and Al Gephart spoke to us at the June 30 meeting; right now the task force consists of our board members - myself, Mark Kernes, Reed Lee, Tim Valenti from Naked Sword, Sid Grief, Greg Shearer and Jim Everett. We're reaching out to the industry to get some people to bring a variety of expertise to the task force."

The task force will study the impact of piracy on all sectors of the adult entertainment industry in an effort to protect the interests of its membership.

"We've been meeting every two to three weeks," Duke said. "We started with some initial discussions focused on the industry and we are looking for ways to do a more formal survey of the industry in order to really identify the depth and breadth of the problem and be able to understand the best path for moving forward and finding solutions. When we say that we are the watchdog for the industry, we don’t just mean from government intrusion. We are the watchdog for anything that stands in the way of our members’ success.”

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