'Four-Ever X' Book Project to Examine History of Adult

LOS ANGELES - Adult industry veteran Michael McClay has begun work on a major coffee table book titled  “Four-Ever X: The Complete Picture Book of Adult Motion Pictures Cinema and Video.”

The book, which is now in development, will chronicle the origins and growth of the modern American adult film and video industry from 1969 to 2009.   

McClay said that “Four-Ever X” will have over 2,000 images and be divided into two main sections. Part One examines the phenomenal four-decade evolution of adult entertainment and the events that shaped it after the release of Deep Throat. Part Two showcases the industry’s best and most influential films in photo montage.

Other chapters examine additional adult film facets, including why the adult industry has endured in spite of numerous attacks to destroy it; and how adult innovators have advanced cutting edge video technology, Internet programming and marketing.

A special chapter will probe the “Machinery of X” and the behind-the-scenes talent that markets and produces adult films. 

“Four-Ever X” will reveal how mainstream Hollywood watches the adult film business as a testing ground before implementing their own production and marketing strategies. Finally, “Four-Ever X” will explain what led the business to a powerhouse that produces annual revenues over $10 billion for AT&T, AOL-Time-Warner, News Corporation, General Motors, Hilton and many others.

Anyone who has a story to tell or images to provide is invited to contribute to the project. 

“We don’t want to miss anything, so we’re asking those with stories, to contact us and include their information in the book and the website we’re going to build,” said McClay.

“The adult film business is one without a written history and it’s time to add significance and historical importance to a subject popular to millions,” said adult film veteran William Margold.  “It will be written for fans with all the humor, zest, maverick attitude and gonzo journalistic style including colorful sidebars, boxes and scrapbook pages.”   

“America has had nearly 40 years to process and assimilate the so-called Sexual Revolution of which adult films were a principal cornerstone,” McClay said. “However, no one has ever written or produced a definitive pictorial book that accurately portrays the history of adult films and videos from their technological, business and sociological impact on America and the world."

McClay and Margold issued this statement on the book’s mission: 

“’This Four-Ever X’ will be a nostalgic, honest, informative, humorous, rousing tribute to adult entertainment in all of its forms in the hope that its future burns bright, and that the adult business will not lose its ability to amuse, shock, titillate, and celebrate the images of sex. Finally, 'Four-Ever X' will be a magnificent mountain and a vibrant valley in the sprawling landscape of cinematic entertainmen.”

The author ask that interested parties address any and all questions, comments and input to the following email addresses: [email protected] and [email protected].

Pictured: The late John Holmes, Ginger Lynn and Michael McClay.