Former Clinton Aide Morphs Into Adult Performer Sammie Spades

NEW YORK—You gotta get a kick out of a rag like the New York Post taking a backhanded swipe at Hillary Clinton’s senate staff for hiring a summer intern years before the girl decided to become an adult performer, but that’s the Post for you.

“The Clintons sure know how to pick their interns,” the tabloid used as its lede.

The 24-year-old woman, who performs under the name Sammie Spades, met Hillary in 2006 in Buffalo, where, as a 16-year-old lobbying to save a local Air Force base, she caught Clinton’s eye and was eventually hired as a summer intern in the then-senator’s Buffalo office doing miscellaneous office work.

That’s the extent of her association with Clinton, but in the wake of Weinergate and that story’s awkward association with Clinton, this latest news has been too much for the media to ignore. Porn is truly ubiquitous these days and seems to be touching everyone, whether purposefully or unwittingly.

“I was planning on becoming an attorney and then going into public office,” Spades told of her career before she entered porn, adding, “I don’t think Hillary would be too happy, but I have nothing but respect for Mrs. Clinton.”

Spades, who was recently seen in Devils Films Pegging: A Strap on Love Story, says she is now interested in taking her career up a level as a model for magazines such as Maxim, Stuff and Playboy.