Forced Entry: Extreme Associates Busted by Federal Agents

Federal agents, postal inspectors and three Los Angeles police officers descended upon the offices of Extreme Associates at 9AM yesterday, seizing records, videocassettes, model releases and identification concerning four titles from the Extreme Associates catalog and one from the Armageddon line that was recently sold to New Jersey-based Diversity Media.

Approximately 25 FBI agents and postal inspectors from Pittsburgh, PA arrived with a 10-page warrant, according to sources familiar with the situation.

"United States Postal Inspectors, in conjunction with the Los Angeles Police Department, received a federal search warrent, sealed, which was served on these premises today," United States Postal Inspector Mike Walters told

Since the warrent was sealed, Walters was not able to provide with any further information.

The agents were still searching the North Hollywood office of Extreme Associates at 5:30PM, and were restricing access to the building.

No arrests have been made, though the law enforcement officials seized three copies each of Extreme Teen 24, Cocktails 2, Ass Clowns 3 and Forced Entry. It is not known whether they seized the fifth title named in the warrant, 1001 Ways to Eat My Jizz, part of the Armageddon line.

The warrant stated that the bust was due to a complaint in Pittsburgh, though it is not known whether the material was shipped over state lines. Of particular note is the title, Forced Entry, which reached notoriety in recent years due to media coverage of its rape theme.

Extreme Associates is represented by Beverly Hills attorney Alan Isaacman, who could not be reached at press time.