For Ashlynn Brooke, It's All About the Animals

CHATSWORTH, Calif. - New Sensations contract girl Ashlynn Brooke is working hard. Calling in from the set of a charity shoot for animal awareness,  Brooke is excited about her newest movies from New Sensations. "I really like this one, " she says. "It's called All About Ashlynn."

The movie contains some scenes which will be new to her fans. "It's got three scenes showing things I've never done before," said Brooke. "There's a squirting scene and two cream pie scenes. It's interesting when something comes out where you see something someone hasn't done before. It's cool."

Also completed is the third installment in the Ashlynn Goes to College series. Brooke described it to AVN: "It's cute. It's like my character runs out of money and I get into the porn world to raise money for my college expenses. It's a comedy. It's really funny."

As for her animal awareness charity work, Brooke is keeping busy. "I just rescued a boxer," she said. "I'm really trying to work hard to get the book out and the calendar. The charities are done along with Mia Presley's Porn Stars 4 Pups and my own Ashlynn's Animals. We're kind of joining forces. We're just trying to raise awareness."

And what might that awareness be? Brooke explained,  "I'm trying to focus on purebreds and puppy mills. As a society, we take animals for granted. It's a hard thing to do. A lot of these animals are abused, but we love doing it."

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