Flynt Wins Partial Victory Over His Name

LOS ANGELES — A federal jury ruled Friday that Larry Flynt's nephews, Jimmy Flynt II and Dustin Flynt, infringed on their famous uncle's trademark when they launched a company last year called Flynt Media Corp., the Associated Press reported.

However after three days of testimony, jurors rejected Flynt's claims that the action invaded his privacy, according to AP. Larry Flynt founded the Hustler empire in 1974.

The nephews' lawyer, Daniel DeCarlo says the latter ruling allows his clients to ask the court to order Larry Flynt to pay attorney fees, the report said.

With the ruling Dustin and Jimmy II must put their first names on their movies if they want to release them using the name Flynt, AP reported.

Neither Flynt nor his nephews were available for comment at press time.