FlashCA$H Offers Weekly Site Conversion Clinic

Adult sponsor FlashCA$H has began an online weekly site conversion clinic every Saturday. Every week FlashCA$H opens its doors and its official FC IRC channel to Webmasters looking to increase traffic, improve their sites, and make money. 

“Too many affiliates are spending more effort than necessary because they are not making the most of their work,” Hal with FlashCA$H support told AVN.com. “While we appreciate how hard our affiliates work, we wanted to help them work smarter too.The Conversion Clinic is a chance to get galleries, free sites, etc. reviewed and work-shopped so that they convert with maximum effectiveness.  Everything from layout to alt-tags are analyzed for effectiveness.”

Hosted by FlashCA$H’s resident adult site guru, sponsor NetPiddler, every week features different guests and topics. Sign up is free. 

“The combination of his intimate knowledge of selling intricacies and his smiling demeanor make him a perfect host,” noted Hal. “We have an ongoing message board forum where people post URLs for review and discussion. The forum is lively all week and then culminates with the Conversion Clinic each Saturday. 

“When you are doing the work of making AVS, free sites, or submitting your galleries all over the place, it just makes sense to spend a little extra time making sure it converts as good as possible. NetPiddler and the conversion clinics make sure that happens.”

In addition, FlashCA$H is giving away free premium content. Mikey from 219content.com graciously donated $100 in free premium content to one winner who attends the Webmaster chat. All one has to do to be eligible to win the $100 in free content is show up and participate in the IRC Chat this Saturday October 25th at 12 p.m. (EST). At 2:00pm EST. Rich will randomly select up one lucky winner.

Flashcash is an established “old school” sponsor program that offers 28 niche sites and numerous per-click, per signup, and rev-share programs to their affiliate Webmasters.    They claim high payouts and excellent conversion ratios are the reason so many big players use them as a major sponsor.

“We are working hard to remain the choice for smart Webmasters,” noted Hal.