First Trailer for ‘Lovelace’ is Out … for Now

HOLLYWOOD, Calif.—For some reason, movie reps made the Hollywood Reporter remove the first trailer for Lovelace, the highly anticipated biopic of the legendary porn star starring Amanda Seyfried, which got a very positive review from THR at its Sundance debut; but if you hurry, the two-and-a-half minute trailer is still available for viewing over at Entertainment Weekly.

Calling it a “whirlwind of a new trailer,” EW suggests looking for “glimpses of Adam Brody in a mustache (as Harry Reems, Lovelace’s costar in Deep Throat, the film that changed the porn industry forever) and James Franco as Hugh Hefner.”

Movie reps told THR to expect an “official” trailer July 10, but with a general release date for the movie of August 9, that’s kind of late. The one out now will do just fine. Besides, it’s pretty damn good and makes the movie look like an absolute must-see. The movie poster is also pretty damn hot.