First Hustler Club Opens in UK

CROYDON, U.K. - The Brits got their first taste of cabaret entertainment Larry Flynt style last weekend with the Friday grand opening of the Hustler Club in Croydon, the first location for the adult chain in Great Britain.

The club opened at 8 p.m. Friday with a champagne reception. Famed pole dancer Elena Gibson put on a show for guests during the course of the evening, and spotted in the crowd was Ziggy of reality show "Big Brother."

The site chosen for the club once housed For You Eyes Only, which was hailed by Croydon councilor Steve O'Connell as the best-run club in the city.

Said Flynt to UK reporters, "We are very excited because Europeans, especially Londoners, like and appreciate the concept of a Hustler Club, and we are certain it will be a success."