Final Installment of <i>Fashionistas</i> Trilogy Released

CHATSWORTH, Calif. - In January 2003, John Stagliano's The Fashionistas swept the AVN Awards like a tidal wave. Hailed as an instant classic, the movie spawned an epic sequel and a long-running Las Vegas revue that rocked the 2007 AVN Awards. Stagliano’s vision is now complete with the release of Fashionistas Safado: Berlin, the final installment in the trilogy, in stores now from Evil Angel's Prime Evil imprint.

At over four hours long, spread out across two discs, Berlin follows Rocco Siffredi's Antonio character across the world and into the underground S/M dungeons of the German capital prevailed over by Nacho Vidal's mysterious Safado. As Jesse (Belladonna) keeps tabs on him from the States, Antonio crosses paths with enchantresses Violet (Katsumi) and Lauren (Melissa Lauren) along the way, all leading to an explosive climax that promises to floor viewers.

Shot in Varicam high-def, and presented in anamorphic widescreen, Fashionistas Safado: Berlin is set to send the cycle out with a monumental bang.

"This movie has been in production for almost two years," Evil Angel public relations manager Karen Stagliano told AVN. "John worked for months with his music composer, making songs and then scoring the whole movie from beginning to end. And up until this week, we were still adjusting authoring, to get every last aspect as perfect as we could.

"I'm so ready to not have to sleep at the office next week and be able to just relax," she laughed. "John flew to Vegas for a couple of days, and our [DVD] author is most likely going to Ojai. But it's all been worth it! I loved the original Fashionistas, and now I love this one too. Hell, I even got to have an S/M cameo.

"Melissa Lauren went over to the editing bay last month to see her sex scene with Nacho for the first time in 15 months," Karen went on, "and she said it looked as powerful as she remembered experiencing it. I really do think it's the best couples sex scene I've seen since Bella and Rocco in the original."

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