Filming Wraps on All Worlds' <i>Captured</i>

In a press release, All Worlds Video announced Friday that director Doug Jeffries has completed filming Captured, his latest movie for them. The movie stars legendary sexpig Steve Cannon and is described as being "in the tradition of Jeffries' signature All Worlds titles Raw, Pig Trough and Little Brother’s Big Secret."

“Steve came to me with an idea for this film and I thought it was awesome,” Jeffries stated. According to Jeffries, Cannon plays a shape shifter — one minute he is a wolf, the next he is transformed into human form.

"One thing that doesn’t change," Jeffries said, "is his hunger for sex. From seducing Dillon Press in the desert heat to inciting a poolside threesome between Marco Pirelli, Chad Savage and Kevin Brown, everywhere Cannon goes, sex follows."

Brown recently made porn headlines when he won All Worlds' $20,000 cash drawing at the conclusion of the filming of the company's 20th-Anniversary 30-man orgy-movie, 20:20.

"This was Kevin Brown's first non-group video and he did an amazing job,” Jeffries added. “Of course having our exclusive Chad Savage there to show him the ropes didn't hurt one bit. Kevin just took everything in stride and he is turning out to be one of our hottest performers.”

Describing the sex scenes, Jeffries mentioned "a hot fuck between Jacob Slader and Joshua Adams in the back of a moving van — and the final scene features a mind-blowing orgy staring Billy Cochran, Alex Leonn, Rod Barry, Shane Rollins, Vin Nolan and Rascal Video exclusive Luca Di Corso."

Jeffries said the action, which includes fists, dildos and a baseball bat, was "almost too hot to handle. Some of it had to be saved for an exclusive Directors Cut of the video."

According to the All Worlds press release, Captured will be in general release soon. The Directors Cut, featuring the extra-hardcore scenes, will be available only by mail order from All Worlds Video or through the company’s website,

Chad Savage, Kevin Brown, Marco Pirelli photo courtesy of