Female Webmasters Finds New Webmistress

Media announced today that they have appointed Cathedra as the new Webmistress of Female Webmasters, a community board dedicated to women of the adult industry.

“GA Media is excited to have such a vibrant and exciting individual like Cathedra on our team,” Chief Operations Officer Lee Windsor told AVN.com. “We originally heard about Cathedra through contact with her on our International resource site http://www.europeanwebmasters.com/.”

"I look forward to working with the community at FW as they are wonderful people,” Cathedra said in a press release upon accepting the position. “I also look forward to bringing my own personal edge to it, hopefully, making it an even better place to share ideas, learn from each other and communicate, while giving the women of the industry a voice." 

Cathedra began working in the adult industry in 2002 and has been active in the female Webmaster community ever since. Having written several articles for popular adult resources sites, she has played her part for women of the industry, including organizing the successful event, C2GT4Her. In addition to her work with Female Webmasters, Cathedra currently holds the position of International Marketing Director for Cyber2000 Entertainment; she works in both the American and French markets simultaneously.

“Along with administration duties of the board, Cathedra's primary goal is to further the success of Female Webmaster by working with both her Female Webmasters and the Web community,” said Windsor. “ At the same time, working towards her own on going goal, to increase the voice of the women in the industry.” 

So with Cathedra on board, what does the future hold for GA Media?

Windsor: “Including this next step for Female Webmasters, GA Media will continue to establish unique industry related resources and services, for both webmasters and surfers, in various online markets.”