Felicia Fox Stars in Wicked Production, Prepares Directorial Debut

Performer Felicia Fox is in town and she’s a busy girl with her first starring role in a Wicked Pictures production happening in the next couple days. In Private Eyes, written and directed by Wicked contract performer/director Stormy Daniels, Fox plays a private detective in comic situations.

“I am so excited to be starring in this for Wicked,” Fox, who lives primarily in Ohio, told AVN.com. “When Stormy gave me the call, I was like ‘No way! You’re kidding me, aren’t you? A lead in one of your films and the box cover? When do you want me out there?’ It’s so great working for a woman director. I keep hearing really rave reviews about Stormy and she writes a great script so I am looking forward to the chance to work for her and other women directors. I think that a woman knows what women want to see. I’ve worked for Skye Blue and Dyanna Lauren before and loved it and women have a different outlook on things, for sure.”

Other than her usual heavy feature dancing work and helping her husband Tim Case recover from his severe back injury, Fox has been putting the final touches on her first self-directed Old Pueblo release.

“It will all be in the can by August. It’s brand-new girls that no one’s ever seen before and I am shooting on the road a lot and in my hometown. The B-roll in between scenes is absolutely hilarious. It’s just crazy. We shoot at this place called Camp Rocky a lot, which is like a nudist camp in Ohio where there’s a naked trampoline and all kinds of crazy stuff. It’s going to be a lot of fun,” Fox said.

Fox’s website, www.feliciafox.com, is currently undergoing a revamp.

“It’s going to have a lot harder edge to it. There are a lot of brand new girls on it and I think the fans are really going to like what they see there,” Fox said.

Fox overall is happier than ever saying, “With the Wicked film and all of the other stuff happening, staying busy is great! I am really in a good place right now.”