Felicia Fox Offers Enticing Reward For Her Lost Dog (Update)

Adult performer Felicia Fox lost her dog Bubba and offering a $1000 dollar reward, or a date with her, to person who returns it. Friday she got some help from KROQ's Kevin and Bean, who had Fox on their morning show to get the word out.

In the end it was a good old-fashioned flyer that helped bring Bubba, Fox's dog, home.

The dog had been found by a family in Reseda, who saw a flyer and returned it to Fox. No word yet on whether the finder took the reward,which had reached over $1400 dollars via contributions from members of the adult industry, or the date.

Fox was on the "Kevin and Bean" show Friday morning for ten minutes fielding questions about her unusual offer. Several of Fox's newer and upcoming titles were mentioned, including Busty Beauties #5 from Hustler Video, Boobsville Sorority House from Big Top, and The Farm from Sin City.

Fox's dog, Bubba, is a shorthair Chihuahua terrier mix, about 18 lbs., male and neutered. According to Fox, the dog is very friendly with all people, cats, and other dogs.

Bubba was lost in the White Oak/Vanowen area of Reseda while Fox was working on a set Tuesday night.

KROQ-FM is the #1 rated modern rock station in Los Angeles, and "Kevin and Bean" is the #1 rated morning show in Los Angeles.