Feels Like the *Ooof!* Thing, Baby - LiveDom.com Makes the Virtual Dungeon a Reality

In 1997, a forerunner of the Adult Internet industry introduced Lady Jacqueline English to the live video capability of the Internet.

From that moment, transmitting live, fully interactive video and audio of real BDSM scenes via the WWW became her mission.

The result was LiveDom.com.

The Lady says it was "the concept of having real live access to the entire world" that hooked her. "Live Web video would enable me to Dominate masses!"

Now, both Dom/mes and subs from around the globe can be allowed instant entry to a private dungeon - in this case, the Lady's very own.

The physical dungeon itself is a 5,000-square-foot warehouse loft, with 15-foot ceilings and "Enormous bondage apparatuses are set throughout," according to the Live Dom press packet (!), "amongst seating arrangements for exhibitionists and voyeurs to enjoy." There's a fully equipped medical room, the "Fetish Infirmary," which "is immaculately presented in stark white with shiny sterile stainless steel examination tools for every ailment"; and a "very sleek and feminine boudoir" where those so interested might find "every frilly item between glamour wigs to 8-inch, size-16 stiletto heels. Attendants have the expertise to turn any manly sort into a sissified s-him!"

"LiveDom.com permits everyone interested in the BDSM/Fetish lifestyle the opportunity to pursue, learn and experience all the different avenues of Dominant/ submissive role-play," English explains. Her original goal was to provide a dungeon with worldwide exposure that could still function as private and personal.

Over the past five years, technology has made great strides in the presentation and access of multimedia formats over the Net. Equipment has gotten simultaneously better and less expensive. Within the memory range of Online's readership, there was a time when streaming over a 28k modem was ground breaking (and so very frustrating)... now, streaming video has improved to the point that, with a slight buffer, an entire video can be seen with very little delay.

Similarly, Lady Jacqueline was faced with many obstacles when she started out; obstacles which, happily, time seems to be taking care of. Her original research showed that the server hosting the site would, at that time, cost up to 10 times more than it does now.

English marks the beginning of her own power in April of 1966. "Anything other than complete control was never an option," she remarks of her place in the world. Her focus was to "strictly and kindly [teach] others how to perform better; both for [My] Pleasure and for their own good." The Lady's subjects revel in her presence, according to the Goddess, always ready to please her more.

English announced her formal position as a professional Dominatrix in October 1991. "Over the past 11 years I've experienced, full time, the life of a Dominatrix." She has researched, learned, and taught every conceivable form of BDSM and fetish. Published work can be found in Get Kinky, Fetish World, Screw, Corporal, and Corporal Digest, among others.

English is also supportive of and involved in "scene"-affiliated clubs and groups, including civil rights and community education and outreach programs. Some of the organizations in which she's active include S.M.A.R.T. (an educational support group); the AIDS Task Force; and the Free Speech Coalition.

Moving into the realm of LiveDom.com enabled English to go one-on-one, privately, with those who wished to learn, minus the constraints of space and time. More than one decade after her first professional slave lesson, English has accomplished over 5,000 "Private Lessons."

"And that is a lot of Domination... total Domination!"

English, along with the many dungeon players at Live Dom, can "literally teach you all the ropes."

LiveDom.com works in conjunction with the FetishInfirmary.com and LiveDok.com sites, where shows from "medical rooms" examine fetish medical procedures and their practice.

All live BDSM and fetish shows are archived in the VoD section of the member site for 24/7 anytime access; each of the archived shows is available at both high and low bandwidth for optimum viewing at almost any system and connection speed.

An extensive BDSM/fetish photo gallery features images of scenes updated weekly, and a written version of dungeon happenings can be found in the dungeon diaries. "All of the stories are real accounts of fetish and BDSM play," English says.

There's a bulletin board for member interaction, and private one-on-one lessons with the Lady or any other Live Dom player are available via e-mail (depending upon scheduling and availability).

LiveDom.com membership allows the accepted to view, hear and participate in BDSM and fetish scenes as they are happening. For instance, instructions on how to flog or whip submissives, in addition to how to spank and cane them, are available. Members can learn how to initiate BDSM and/or fetish play, how to "negotiate a scene," and about "safe words." Those participating can follow along, stroke by stroke, watching live video as slaves are taught to submit to the Lady's commands; interface allows them to be part of the scene, interacting and participating from their own locations, in the bondage show.

Scenes are broadcast every weekday, and at other times designated on a schedule available at Live Dom.

New for English is promoting the product Lava Lotion, created by Troy Lehner of SunSet Mountains. English says she was looking for something to endorse that was "special, personal and new." The burnable wax candle can be dripped and poured over the body, and when massaged over, disappears as it penetrates the skin.

"The qualities of sensuous aromas," English says, "along with the perfect burning temperature - and the transformation of wax into a body lotion" make Lava Lotion a perfect product, English feels. "[It] removes the entire mess factor, as wax play is almost too messy to engage in!"

Exclusively at TheBodyCandle.com, this fragranced combination of waxes and oils are specially designed for "Erotic Hot Wax Play" - not to mention sensual massage.

English sees this as a continuation of her marketing agenda for Live Dom. She evaluates products as to whether she feels she could promote them "sincerely and proudly.... Finding something new in the BDSM gear scene was near impossible; with so many talented people involved, fetish paraphernalia is hardly lacking in availability," she says.

Many such items are available at Live Dom's online superstore, HardWear. Live Dom also is affiliated with one of the largest adult porn and sex toy distributors in the USA, PrivateEntertainment.com, and offers these products through the online store.

All of these elements coupled with advancing technology have been harnessed by English, who is now able to implement her ultimate vision: "the reality of Total Domination... in the privacy of your own home!"