FBI Continues 2257 Inspections

FBI agents visited the home of former Moonlight Entertainment owner Mark Stone today to inspect the defunct company’s 2257 records.

"[FBI agent] Chuck Joyner called me and said that they wanted to check records on four movies," Stone told AVN.com. "I told him we were out of business, and since the address [for the custodian of records] was my house, he said he needed to come down and check 2257. He and a few other agents showed up, and they looked up the records; they were courteous and professional, and it wasn’t a big, huge deal."

The agents spent about one hour examining the relevant papers. "There were two IDs they couldn’t read right, but that was it; I’m just going to get them some better copies," Stone said. "The point is, make sure your 2257s are in order, because there are laws, and they’re checking. If you don’t have them right, they’ll tell you what you need to fix; from what everybody else tells me, they’re OK with it. I haven’t heard of anybody having a real bad time with these visits."

The visit is the latest in a series paid by the FBI to adult video producers. FBI officials have visited Pure Play Media, Sunshine Films, Diabolic Video, Robert Hill Releasing, K-Beech, Evasive Angles, Darkside Entertainment, Wicked Pictures and Legend Video.