Faye Valentine Runs <i>The Gauntlet</i> for Vouyer Media

NORTH HOLLYWOOD, Calif. – In Vouyer Media’s signature series The Gauntlet, a budding porn star must work her way through a series of “challenges” involving a variety of partners and sex acts, some of which may be new to her. It’s a kind of baptism of jizm.

To run the gauntlet in The Gauntlet 3, Vince Vouyer chose Faye Valentine, a fair-skinned 18 year-old from Las Vegas with only about 20 other scenes to her credit so far. Her experience will take up one disc of a three-disc set, the other two devoted to girls who have not yet been cast.

The Gauntlet was the first movie released on the Vouyer Media label in 2005, so it has a special place on the company’s roster. Its third installment will be an extra-special package, with not just three sets of scenes but many more BTS extras than usual.

Faye’s challenges are happening over some eight straight hours on a large Valley soundstage. When the sex in done in one area, Vouyer’s crew races to light another space for the next scene.

Vince is taping everything, not just the fucking, beginning with his first negotiations with the girl, all the way through to the “aftermath.” Today the crew shot him picking up the girl at her home and delivering her to the makeup artist at the studio. Any unexpected offstage events will also be recorded.

“Each set is tailored to the girl,” Vouyer tells AVN. “I go by what the girl does. If the girl doesn’t do anal, she has to do more [sex].”

Faye, it turns out, does not do anal on screen, so she is “doing a lot—the most” of all the Gauntlet girls so far. 
Fortunately, according to Vince, “she loves fucking everybody, and she loves to swallow.”
There’s going to be a lot of cum in Faye’s tummy by the end of the day.
She started before noon with oral sex with Jack Napier, the hugely endowed African-American who has his own line with Vouyer Media. It was her first interracial scene. “He got my mouth stretched out for the other guys,” she says, matter of factly.

That was followed by girl-girl action with petite Spanish fireball Rebecca Linares, whom Faye had specifically requested. It included fem-domination, with Rebecca yanking Faye around on a leash attached to a collar.

Right now, Vouyer’s crew is preparing a new section of the soundstage for an orgy with the two women and four men. It will climax with vaginal ejaculations—Faye’s first-ever creampies—and serial cum-swapping.

Faye is tall, slender, with still ripening breasts (31B) capped by puffy nipples. Long light brown hair frames a teen angel face spotted with girl-next-door freckles. She’s a month short of her 19th birthday.

“If Faye’s not cute enough for you, I can always get somebody else,” Vince says to Jerry, James Deen, Steve Taylor and Andrew Andretti. They’re not complaining.

Rebecca leads her on a leash to the area where the guys await. They surround her and disrobe. Jerry is the first one in her mouth. Rebecca slaps her butt as she sucks, then starts blowing the dudes herself.

The action rapidly develops into an extremely high-energy scene. Even after a break for hardcore stills, there is no loss of fervor and enthusiasm.

Rebecca grinds her hips on Jerry’s dick and emits a series of siren-like shrieks. “I love that scream,” Vouyer says. Deen face-fucks her, possibly just to shut her up.

The Spanish bombshell gleefully assumes all the anal action, with Jerry and James taking turns in her ass before a double penetration. The other men are powerfucking Faye.

“Do you like fucking 18 year-old girls?” Vouyer asks, rhetorically.

This 18 year-old is so desirable that Jerry and James can’t keep away from her, even off-camera. She fun-fucks Jerry during a break. “Save your pussy, baby,” Vince tells her, “you got more fucking to do.”

After many more minutes of hard pounding, it’s time to block out the creampie and cumswap finale. One by one, the men are to ejaculate inside Faye’s pussy. Rebecca will vacuum out each guy’s semen and drool it into Faye’s mouth for her to swallow.

“This is by far the most disgusting thing I’ve ever been a part of,” Deen says, casually. He’s the last to drop his load in the teen twat, and from the way he grunts, it must be a big one.

As soon as Faye gulps down the final mouthful from Rebecca, Vouyer steps in on camera to guide her to the next challenge. “Glad the day’s over?” he asks.

“It’s not over,” Faye replies dutifully. He puts her blindfold on her and leads her off.

“The ending was right on the money,” he says, to no one in particular. “The [cum] transfers were great.” And to Faye, “You’re a champ, champ!”

Faye’s next challenge is a four-man blow-bang. It was supposed to be five but one actor was double-booked and had to excuse himself.

Early in the action, Faye gags and throws up. She excuses herself, cleans up and is back in action 10 minutes later. After she swallows the four loads, Vouyer says to her, on camera, “You still have a hungry look. I have more surprises for you.”

“More surprises? I like surprises.”

The next surprise will be sucking—and fucking—four new guys. After that will come the grand finale. A partition on the soundstage will slowly draw back to reveal ten—count ‘em, ten—new men for her to suck and swallow.

“She swallow all?” asks Rebecca, who has stuck around to watch the new action. Her eyes widen. “She gonna be sick.”

And what about Faye? Does she want to continue in the business? Sure, she tells AVN. “I think I can make something out of this.”

On the evidence of her performance so far, there’s no doubt about it.

Pictured: Faye Valentine, Rebecca Linares, Jerry, James Deen. Photo: Van Styles for Vouyer Media.