Fatt Entertainment Wraps <I>Knoc-turn'al's Record Release Party</I>

Fatt Entertainment shot their follow-up video to Ice-T's Pimpin' 101 involving another mainstream hip-hop artist, Knoc-turn'al, last week.

The Grammy-nominated Knoc-turn'al spent 14 hours Wednesday on the set shooting the video entitled Fatt Entertainment Presents Knoc-turn'al's Record Release Party.

"I think the shoot went really well. A lot of people think it's easy to do porn. Just take a camera and have someone start having sex. They don't realize it's a lot more work than they think," Knoc-turn'al said about the video. "I was glad to do the project. Fatt did a brilliant job of making all the proper arrangements and everything went smoothly and professionally."

Fatt Entertainment co-owner, Al Thornton, was just as pleased with said as the rapper was by the production company.

"Knoc is a great guy," Thornton said. "He's quite a jokester and you'll witness his funny side in some of his comedic commentary to the action going on in the video. Our first Pimpin' project was extremely successful and I don't doubt that this latest venture will equal or surpass our current success."

The video is directed by mainstream music video director Mario Diablo and includes a cast of 18 including: Avena, Allura, Kelly, Julie Knight, Jordan Haze, Mercury, Brittney Skye, Harley, Misty Mason, Mya Mason, Fiona Cheeks, Tyler Woods, Mr. Pete, Mr. Marcus, Guy DiSilva, Bret Rockman, Justin Slayer and Valentino. Knoc-turn'al hosts the video, providing commentary throughout the project. Knoc-turn'al is not involved in any sex scenes.

Fatt Entertainment Presents Knoc-turn'al's Record Release Party will be released coincide with the late summer release of Knoc-turn'al upcoming music album, The LP, which will be released by the label LA Confidential toward the end of this summer. As with Pimpin' 101, Knoc-turn'al's Fatt feature will include an original soundtrack to be released at a later date.

Knoc-turn'al was discovered by LA Confidential Records and consequently introduced to hip-hop mogul Dr. Dre. This introduction helped Knoc's ascent to stardom as he worked on several projects with Dre appearing on four songs in Dre's multi-platinum disc Chronic 2001. He co-wrote songs and was featured on the first single, "Bad Intentions," of Dre and Snoop Dogg's soundtrack for the movie The Wash He also teamed up with Dre and DJ Quik to turn out "Put It On Me," the hit single from the soundtrack of the movie Training Day.