F.A.M.E.: Some Fans Speak

LOS ANGELES — Being that the F.A.M.E. Awards are, in fact, decided upon by the fans, AVN decided to poll some of those present at Saturday night's ceremony to gauge their impressions of the event. A few brave souls opened up to us.

Raz, an enthused fellow watching from the front line of the crowd packed around the barricaded-off seating area, prounounced proudly that he had voted on the awards, and that his choices for Favorite Female Star and Favorite Rookie Starlet were, respectively, Stormy Daniels and Tori Black (Black won, Daniels didn't). As to who he actually foresaw taking the latter trophy, however, Raz (ironically) predicted that it would go to Stoya.

"I think she has that look that everybody's looking for right now," Raz told AVN. "She's real frail and small, she's super pale but real dark hair; I think a lot of people are into that exotic look."

He went on to say he was most excited to get an in-the-flesh glimpse of the Wicked girls. "Wicked is my company, I love all of their women, I think they have the best girls in the business, I think it's the best company in the business, and that's the only reason I came here."

A number of lucky fans were actually allowed in to sit amongst the stars, on a capacity basis. One young couple who made it in, Karen and Joe, said they didn't know previously about the F.A.M.E. Awards' existence, but were plenty excited to be there. Both expressed near awe to be mere feet away from the one and only Tera Patrick.

"She was, like, speechless when she saw her," Joe said of Karen.

Once the show was over, a broadly smiling man named Kenneth, who also copped to not having been familiar with F.A.M.E. previously, said he had enjoyed it immensely.

"It was fantastic!" Kenneth gushed. He said he was thrilled to see Daisy Marie, as well as "Paul Thomas, all those guys, the old guys — I always wanted to see those guys. Paul Thomas and Randy Spears, those guys are great."

Though this was his first time seeing an adult awards show live, Kenneth said he has watched the AVN Awards on DVD and Showtime, and that this in fact is his fourth year attending Erotica LA.

Compared to years previous, he said this Erotica is "really loose and comfortable. Two years ago, it was really fancy, but it was a little too much. This is really nice. It's a great time."