Ezygo.com Gets Evil

Adult Website veteran Daniel Hicks (a.k.a. Evil Dan) announced the launch of his new Webmaster resource Website, Ezygo.com.

“We believe that Ezygo offers something for everyone, including some amazing traffic deals and a free communications device,” company president Hicks told AVN Online. “Ezygo hopes to build stronger and greater profit centers and create innovative products and services.”

The man behind Toast.com, PageSeeker.com, and Adults.com knows of what he speaks. Since starting his own adult operation, he has launched and marketed over 470 front-end adult pay sites, many of which can be viewed at EvilPit.com.

“We can supply substantial amounts of traffic very cheaply,” he said of Ezygo.com, which offers 100 percent and 70 percent rev-share programs.

“We’ve secured one bank for billing and are negotiating with another,” Hicks said. “We have a consultant in Phoenix and will be providing billing consultation.”

In addition to their multi-bill and optimization system, Ezygo has a nifty board ticker that monitors every major adult board in the world for free and refreshes every few minutes with hotlinks, bookmarks, and keyword searches.

Ezygo has also created what it calls “Best Business Practices,” which is a self-regulating system designed to provide the best billing system for a given pay site.

“This is the first system that identifies affiliate fraud,” Hicks said. “It comes down to the quality of your traffic and billing system. We are selling on rev share, which is a sponsored program, and are being responsible on how we are handling the chargeback issue. We are not accepting Webmasters who are perpetually pushing the boundaries of chargeback limits. My bank loves this system.”

With regard to selling traffic, Ezygo is using their own Ezygo Pay-Per-Click program, which lets the Webmaster deliver optimized paying search results for each search on their Websites “to ensure high levels of search relevance and Webmaster income without a time-consuming paperwork signup.” 

“We pay you a share of the PPC revenue,” explained Hicks. “It’s a perfect example of a model for someone who has traffic over 1 percent. Just point it at this and they are still going to pay you for that traffic.”

When buying traffic, Ezygo has an exclusive partnership with Inktomi, a major provider of customized search engine solutions that enables Ezygo Webmasters to purchase substantial volumes of low-cost search engine traffic with several major search engines.

This has all been a long time coming for Hicks and his crew.

“I knew there was going to be a day of reckoning for billing and for many issues within our industry, and those who have the cleanest skins with the best infrastructure would come out on top,” said Hicks. “This year has seen so many drastic changes that the whole adult industry seems to struggle from each new event as they occur. Billing companies ceasing operations, quality traffic getting harder to secure, and the plethora of new entrants reducing overall market share sends shudders through every operation.

“So one day I sat down and asked myself the question, ‘If I could write a wish list of what I really need as an adult Webmaster, what would it include?’ So what you see in Ezygo.com is that vision coming to being. I also thought that as a Webmaster, I really needed one place where with one username and password, I could search for and obtain the things I really needed with a company I could trust. This is that place.” 

According to Hicks, the key to Ezygo’s future is the same as the key to the entire industry’s suture: “We have to have the ability to adapt and go forward to survive.”