Extreme Oral Site Slavemouth.com Debuts

CYBERSPACE—The producers of the hard anal BDSM site Assylum.com have just launched a hard oral BDSM site, Slavemouth.com. This new site combines the rough face fucking that has become popular in recent years with creative predicaments and a range of re-imagined fetishes, including ones rarely seen in the West. Like Assylum, the scenes on Slavemouth are run by practicing sadistic dominants from the BDSM community, not actors, and take a spontaneous and authentic documentary-style approach.

According to Dr. Mercies, producer and director of both websites, “Over the past few years, we’ve become increasingly fluent in our near-live style of shooting and have discovered many talents who are as passionate as we are about the kind of thing we do. We have been steering Assylum more and more toward documenting authentic interactions between BDSM practitioners who deeply crave extreme, bizarre, one-of-a-kind experiences involving sex, power exchange, and sadomasochism. Of course, on a more traditional level, Assylum has always been an anal site as well, and now Slavemouth will provide a similar offering as Assylum for viewers seeking an oral focus.”

The site launches with scenes featuring Felicity Feline, Anastasia Rose, Violet Sky and Anneliese Snow. Feline and Rose are popular among mainstream viewers as well as fetish viewers, while Snow is a newcomer who has become a member-favorite on Assylum due to her anal capabilities and enthusiasm combined with her beautiful girl-next-door look. Sky is a lifestyle submissive who has been popular on other BDSM sites and has also done well on Assylum.

Slavemouth offers downloads in up to 4K resolution, with adaptive streaming and a secure HTTPS environment to protect member information. New members can join the site now for an introductory price that will be locked in for as long as they remain members. There will also be discounts available to members of one site who join the other.

Affiliates can sign up at DerangedDollars.com to promote Slavemouth as well as Assylum.com.