Extreme Associates Moves Headquarters

CANOGA PARK, Calif. – Extreme Associates has recently moved its offices from Chatsworth to Canoga Park (8445 Canoga Park Ave.).  “We outgrew our former place,” Extreme Associates CEO Rob Black told AVN.com. “With our return to the Extreme Associates name, we wanted to expand operations.”

Black said that Extreme’s new building is over 13,500 square feet with two floors.  “It’s great,” Black continued, “and perfectly fits our current needs. 

“Not only do we have a huge warehouse and massive office space, we also have room for our own in-house production studio. We are really excited about the upcoming year.”

Black went on to say that he plans to adhere to his “Mission Statement,” which was laid out in an ad in the Oct. issue of AVN.  In it, he apologized for his mistakes and promised to re-establish Extreme as one of the major players in the adult entertainment industry. Getting the bigger building, according to Black, was one of the necessary first steps.

“We’re going back to our roots,” Black explained, “increasing budgets and improving the quality of our movies: talent, production value…everything.  We’re also going to be all over the internet, with numerous sites.

“We want the fans to know that, with every Extreme Associates title we release and every project we embark on, they’ll be getting their money’s worth.”

Along with the relocation, Black recently re-signed director Thomas Zupko to the company. Black said they will also soon be releasing new director Alias’ White Trash Pieces of Shit and Diper Snipers, along with rookie helmer Chris Justice’s The Scales of Justice. Extreme Associates director Lizzy Borden will also jump back into the performer ring after a long hiatus when she couples with Gina Lynn in the upcoming Gina Loves/Hates Lizzy. 

Black said he couldn’t be happier. “I am so motivated, I feel like I did when I started out years ago.  The people I currently have working for me are probably the best I ever had.  We have so many new ideas we can’t keep up with all of them.  I see big things for Extreme Associates in 2007.”

For more information on Extreme Associates, contact Office Manager Irma, or Nicole Bluma, at (818) 701-4434 or send an e-mail to [email protected]