Extreme Associates Implements Birth Date Verifier™ Age Check System

Extreme Associates, the company made famous by the Department of Justice, who charged it with violating United States obscenity laws by distributing the notorious “Federal Five” hardcore videotapes, has adopted Birth Date Verifier™ as its age verification system of choice.

The Birth Date Verifier™ device verifies the user’s age by requiring the user to submit the equivalent of an electronic affidavit attesting to the user’s date of birth, which is then verified to confirm that the user is actually an adult as of the current date. If the user’s age data makes the user at least 18 years old, access is allowed to the age restricted materials.

“We are very pleased that Extreme Associates chose our system of age verification for its Extreme 2.0 release," said Lawrence G. Walters, Esq., an adult Internet attorney and creator of Birth Date Verifier™, adding, "Given the increasing pressure on adult websites to comply with various state and federal laws, we believe that implementing a system of age verification has become a necessity. The government always likes to mix the issue of children with adult materials, and by implementing age verification we take that argument away."

Adult websites have been struggling with the issue of age verification for quite some time, given the difficulties associated with verifying age in an environment that lacks any face-to-face contact.

“We are trying to set an example of responsibility, while not alienating our customers by eliminating our free content,” said Rob Longshot, of Extreme Associates. "Birth Date Verifier™ allows us to service our customers and at the same time keep children away from our content to the best of our ability. Ultimately, parents are responsible for keeping adult content out of children's hands, but we would like to think that we and the adult industry as a whole can step up to the plate to give them all the help we can. This Birth Date Verifier™ process seems to be a good, solid step in that direction."

For further information on the Birth Date Verifier™ age verification device, contact:

Lawrence G. Walters, Esq.

Office: 407.389.4529

Email: [email protected]

Website: www.BirthDateVerifier.com

For further information on Extreme Associates, contact:

Rob Longshot

Office: 818.701.4434

Email: [email protected]

Website: www.extreme-2.com