Extreme 2.0 Returns to Its Roots in Chatsworth

Rob Black has moved his Extremes Associates 2.0 operations out of North Hollywood, where it has been for three years, and returned to Chatsworth, where the company first got off the ground

“I decided to get back to my roots,” Black told AVN.com. “I decided it was time to do it all myself again—except for maybe the shipping.”

When Black moved into the 12,000 feet of space in North Hollywood, his two companies, Extreme and Armageddon, were releasing a total of twelve movies a month, and he was running a wrestling organization as well.

“The building was fine,” he said, “when we had nearly two dozen employees.” Now, with him and his wife Lizzy Borden shooting alone and desktop editing, he needs a lot less space. “I would much rather be back in the center of it all,” he said.

Extreme 2.0 just released its second new movie, Creampie Milkshakes, DVD and VHS. The third, Oral Hygiene 2, ships next week.

Extreme Associates 2.0 is at 8967 Fullbright Ave., Suite B, Chatsworth, CA 91311. The new phone number is (818) 701-4434. Fax: (818) 701-4455.