Exquisite Showcases Its Exquisitely Flashy Packaging

“Flashy,” quite literally, is the only way to describe Exquisite Multimedia’s new innovation in DVD box design — one that got the company nominated this year for Best Overall Marketing Campaign – Individual Project — a casing embedded with red LED lights across the top that blink perpetually in a repeating pattern.

“Everybody copied me with the foil,” remarked company owner Jerry Estrada. “Now we have lights that are patented, so nobody can take my idea. It’s just another way to get attention in the store — half the battle [is], when you walk into a store, there’s 2,000 movies in there, how do you pick the movie you want? This instantly grabs your attention.”

In addition, Estrada noted, this marketing gamble (not a cheap one, by his own admission) serves as an attempt on Exquisite’s part to lend a helping hand to struggling brick-and-mortar retailers.

“We’re like the only company that’s actually putting money back into the stores, into the distributors,” he postulated. “This is the way to help generate sales for everybody. It’s very difficult for the retail end.”

Estrada explained that the batteries which power the flickering box front last four to six months and can be replaced if necessary, though his hope is that “the piece will be gone by the time the batteries run out.” He also pointed out that a button in the center of the light display can be pressed to turn it on and off, to the benefit of both the retailer who may not want to leave the blinking going during closed hours, and the customer who would prefer not to carry such an attention-grabbing item out of a store.

As to how he dreamt up the concept, Estrada mused, “Shit just pops in my head sometimes,” reiterating in following that, “I think it’s something that’ll really, really help the retail, the brick-and-mortar end of it. [Stores are] really being hurt out there, it’s not like it used to be.”

To learn more, visit Exquisite Multimedia at booth 3026, or go to expxxx.com.