Exquisite Ships <i>Monster Booty 4</i>

"The bigger they are, the harder you cum."

So goes the tagline for Monster Booty 4, a new all-black hardcore DVD shipping today from Exquisite Multimedia. Directed by King Midas, the title stars the generous rumps of Lady Snow, Cinnamon Spice, Sunshine, Edible and Pinky.

In addition to the extra-thick asses on display, Monster Booty boasts another eye-catching attribute: a patented DVD box design that features four blinking lights on the case. According to Exquisite's Jerry Estrada, the unique packaging has helped the company's product succeed in a crowded marketplace. 

"Monster Booty is our best-selling big butt line," Estrada said. "They're doing fantastic."

To view a trailer for the movie, visit Exquisite online at www.expxxx.com.

Monster Booty 4 arrives in stores May 7. For sales, contact Mayra at (818) 576-9464 or e-mail mayra@expxxx.com.