Exquisite Multimedia and Drake Diablo Productions Offer Solo Work

Exquisite Multimedia and Drake Diablo Productions have decided to revamp their business model to help out-of-work performers by booking them for solo scenes for both video and photo shoots.

The performers will be paid for the use of their images, which will be sold as licensed content to the adult Webmaster community.Talent will be paid competitive rates.

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“We were just going to use all of our footage from before, but since everyone is having trouble getting money we thought we’d just shoot some hot solo action,” Tony B, general manager of Exquisite Multimedia told AVN.com. “It never hurts to have extra content anyway, but really we're adjusting what we were going to do to help out.”

The production moratorium that began when Darren James was diagnosed as HIV-positive cut off the main source of income for over 900 people who work within the adult industry a performers. The moratorium was called for to ensure that the HIV virus was contained.

Drake Diablo Productions, the company that runs the Exquisite Multimedia Website, will try to book talent according to the talent’s availability. Most photo shoots last two to four hours, depending on the booking.

Besides payment, performers will also be provided with content for their own website.

Tony B points out that this is also an opportunity for agents who need content on the talent they represent who have lost bookings.

Check out Expxxx.com for more information.