Exquisite Films Seeks Talent With 'Saturday Night Fever'

CHATSWORTH, Calif.—Exquisite Films will soon hold open auditions for one of the more fitting porn parody projects to be announced in a while, Saturday Night Fever XXX: An Exquisite Films Parody.

All roles, from leads Toney and Stephanie to additional dancers and sex performers, are open for casting.

"At the time Saturday Night Fever was released, the dancing in it was almost more scandalous than if the characters were having sex," Exquisite Films owner Jerry said. "We think an Exquisite Films parody can help to intensify the energy from the original and stir up some of the lust people felt when they first saw the film."

Audition location and dates are TBA. For additional information, performers and agents may email [email protected].

Because Saturday Night Fever XXX is being planned as a straight homage in keeping with the studio's recently wrapped Rezervoir Doggs XXX, any consideration was apparently eschewed to borrowing a page from Boogie Nights and using the title Saturday Night Beaver.