EXP Embarks on Search for Contract Girl

PORN VALLEY - Exquisite Multimedia (EXP) has announced it is looking for an exclusive contract girl.

"I'm looking for a cross between Jenna Jameson and Paris Gables," said Exquisite CEO Jerry Estrada.

Gables, the former Extreme Associates contract girl, was known for her hardcore performances.

"I'm looking for somewhere between that and Jenna," Estrada said. "A combination of the beauty with the dirtiness. But I want somebody who really wants to be one. I don't want somebody who's going, 'Well, I guess I'll do it.' I want enthusiasm!"

Does she have to be a newcomer?

"No, not necessarily," Estrada said. "I don't want anybody who's been around the biz for 10 years, but honestly, it doesn't matter. She's got to be hot, dirty, and really, really pretty."

"You know how a lot of people are still hung up on the 'hometown girl' thing?" he asks. "Even Playboy, they don't show the girls with big tits anymore? Well, she can be that. I like that, big tits; I want what people think a porn star should be; not just a girl that could be your neighbor that's a total whore."

There's one caveat, though: "Ethnicity doesn't matter, but she has to do interracial; that's a definite. She isn't going to have to work strictly interracial, but we sell a lot of interracial, and she's going to be the star of some of those features."

So, ladies: Does one of you fill that bill? If so, call for an interview to 818-576-9464, or email Estrada at [email protected]