Exile Ships Forbidden Fruits' 'Mother's Indiscretions 2'

CHATSWORTH, Calif.—Forbidden Fruits Films' newest taboo offering, Mother's Indiscretions 2, is on the way to retailers now from from Exile Distribution and scheduled to street next Wednesday, August 14. 

"Forbidden Fruits is without a doubt the best new line of 2013," Exile's Howard Levine said. "I haven't seen a line this good since 1999. [Co-owner and performer] Jodi West is blazing a trail like no other MILF in the business."

Mother's Indiscretions 2, according to its synopsis, presents a series a vignettes in which "mistakes are made, boundaries are crossed and bonds of trust are shattered." The movie stars West, Desi Dalton, Jade Jamison, Pike Nelson, Levi Cash, Johnny Champ and Jimmy Legend.

Levine also hinted that coming soon from Forbidden Fruits would be "an all-girl double disc line that will blow away anything else out there."

For more information, contact Levine at (818) 576-9464 or [email protected].