Evil Ways: Abbraxa Heats Up the Frozen North

Many things come immediately to mind when you think of Canada: Snow. Hockey. Draft dodgers. "Aboot." Maybe even back-bacon and the MacKenzie brothers.

Sure, it's easy to make broad generalizations about our neighbors to the North, especially since most Americans think vaguely of Canada as being nothing more than the 51st state. It helps that Canadians seem to have an endless sense of humor about themselves, and don't often get too bent out of shape by these stereotypes.

But mention of Canada rarely inspires thoughts of hot, nasty porn. Or anal sex. Or fist-fucking. Which hasn't stopped one woman from moving resolutely forward in her quest to build a porn empire in the heart of the Great White North.

From a small office and studio outside Montreal, Abbraxa has spent the last four years building her Web presence up from that of a humble Webcam girl to an adult Internet celebrity whose site boasts more than 1,000 exclusive paying members and 4,000 hits a day.

This success is due in no small part to Abbraxa's willingness to attack "extreme" content that most domestic producers, and even Webcam amateurs, shy away from. Fisting, pissing, and enemas are all regular occurrences on Abbraxa.com, and are performed with the kind of glee and abandon that's usually missing from domestic porn of any variety. This enthusiasm is what brings fans back to "amateur" sites again and again, and Abbraxa and the guys and girls who appear on her site have it in spades. As Abbraxa says, "My site is the only place where I can be myself without restriction."

Like most Net performers, Abbraxa herself is cut from a very different cloth than the usual Silicone Valley porn girl. An ex-stripper (rather than an aspiring one), the French-Canadian decided to take the "next step" in her sex work career, and jump in front of the camera. Rather than moving to L.A. and appearing anonymously in a chain of bad video features and uninspired gonzo vids - only to vanish after 18 months, burned out and unknown - Abbraxa chose a different path. Like a lot of porn entrepreneurs, she realized the Internet offered more control, greater focus, and a virtual private TV channel aimed at those who wanted it most. So she put her own ass literally on the line in 1998, and has been steamrolling forward ever since.

Her unusual stage name offers a glimpse into how Abbraxa's imagination works. "I wanted something that was original, and that had meaning," she explains. "Then, in going through a pile of records, I found the old Santana album Abraxa. I looked up the meaning of it, and found it to be an ancient term that relates to the sensual aspect of life. I thought it was exactly what I was looking for."

Melding the purely sensual with the downright dirty came later. The focus on extreme content evolved as a conscious attempt to serve a niche audience rather than an extension of Abbraxa's personal life. "I discovered these things mostly by surfing the Net," she says. "I thought these subjects could gain from being exploited without vulgarity."

Apparently she was right. While the adult Internet community has been largely ignored as more than a tacit business partner by the "mainstream" porn industry, Abbraxa's ever-growing popularity and eagerness to get down and dirty brought her to the attention of two of adult's most popular producers. Near the end of 2000, John "Buttman" Stagliano and Rocco Siffredi capped off a trip through Quebec and Montreal with a visit to Abbraxa's offices for the shooting of Buttman and Rocco Go to Montreal. "Doing that video had a very positive impact," says Abbraxa. "And working with Buttman was a piece of cake. He's a real gentleman."

Even Buttman, however, wouldn't put Abbraxa's uncensored show in his final video. Abbraxa has no such qualms, and now has a line of her own videos - available exclusively through the site - that numbers 55 volumes.

But while she describes the home video market as "interesting," and might someday offer her own DVDs if it becomes cost-effective, the old flames still burn the brightest. "The live cams are my favorite part of the site," explains Abbraxa. "It's because they really are live, and very interactive. Plus, I always enjoy taking suggestions from the fans. I'm always looking for ideas."

For the future, Abbraxa - who is personally involved in every decision that affects her site - remains focused on the basics. "We're always working to develop the most important part of the business... traffic!"

Makes it sound so simple, doesn't she? For now, though, becoming an Internet celebrity has made one Canadian entreporneur a happy woman.

For the most part.

"I must admit that life has become very satisfying for me ever since I started producing my own movies," says Abbraxa, somewhat guiltily. "But a super gang bang would be nice. I mean with more than four guys.... You wouldn't believe how hard it can be to find serious candidates."

Those wishing to apply should visit Abbraxa at her Website, www.abbraxa.com.