Evil Genius Cash Shoots For Quality & Profits

Looking for cutting-edge Websites and powerful marketing tools to help maximize profits?

Then cruise on over to newly launched Evil Genius Cash, a rev-sharing program dedicated to providing Webmasters with quality and profits. Here, Webmasters can find plenty of free content to promote and update their sites daily, including downloadable videos, pictures and screenshots. Evil Genius Cash also offers hosted galleries, banners, different price options, and tours to help maximize conversion.

"We are working aggressively to please Webmasters and surfers simultaneously," Evil Genius Cash director of marketing, sales and events Kristin told AVN.com. "We have over six years of hands-on experience in the adult industry; through this time, we have seen changes, and we are adapting to the changes to better help the Webmasters profit. The trends of the surfer have vastly changed in this time as well. We want the surfer to be satisfied. Added daily are 25,000-plus pictures, and videos are added weekly, plus there is tons of exclusive content. Our members seem to be pleased with the quality of the site."

Evil Genius Cash's premier site, MonsterCockMadness.com, has retention of 68 percent from first to second month. The site features exclusive content with resident sex queen Monique, described as “the Exorcist meets porn."

"We have several price options," explained Kristin. "The tours can be focused around the girl you want to promote. For example, if you want to promote Monique, there is a different linking code, so she is featured at the top of the tour. We also have a different-style join page where the video plays, thus allowing promotion right there with the signup form."

"We offer 10- to 30-second video promo clips, plus 150 to 250 pictures of each girl," noted Kristin. "There are hundreds of hosted galleries with new ones added weekly, banners, and descriptions all ready for Webmasters to use. We also have a great support staff for any problems that may arise. We understand that quality Webmaster support is key in a successful program."

Evil Genius Cash's motto?

"No exits, no pop-ups, no bullshit; just a clean pay site and members area that retains."