Evil Angel to Unveil 'Buttman's Oddyssey'

VAN NUYS, Calif. — Evil Angel Productions is preparing to roll out Buttman's Oddyssey, which is only the second Buttman movie to be released since 2005. To mark the occasion, director John Stagliano is treating his fans to an extra-long gonzo movie packed full of five-and-a-half hours of tease and sex.

Stagliano shared his thoughts about his latest adventure.

"This movie is scenes I picked up in my travels recently," he explained. "The first disc is a scene shot in Amsterdam and another in Berlin. Each is a crazy long scene of fetish exploration framed by an erotic story. Sintia Stone is the Nordic blond I was soon to cast in my Fashionistas Berlin movie, and Isabel ice is the kinky English girl I should have starred in the movie. Each devours rough sex, hard anal and throat fucking like no one I've ever shot."

Stagliano said the second disc feature two scenes shot primarily for the Internet.

"One for Kink.com's Men in Pain, which I did as a guest director, and the other is my first live feed scene for my Buttman.com site," Stagliano continued. "Both are heavy on extreme ass fetish and rough sex. The total time of this movie is five and a half hours with over an hour of extras. The movie is primarliy ass fetish, but in the extras I include a 13-minute long foot fetish that I separated out of the body of the movie, and a 12-minute long S/M bondage segment from the Kink scene. Each is unique but I kept the main movie with a focus on ass.

"I really enjoyed editing this movie myself. I feel I returned as Buttman, this time with the knowledge that I am not going to make money like I did in the past, but that I love doing this work, so that makes it worth it."

Buttman's Oddyssey will be available in stores and online on July 17. The trailer is available at evilangel.com. Please contact Jessica at 800-442-6435 to order.