Evil Angel's John Stagliano: Still ‘Voracious’

AVN caught up with Evil Angel head honcho John Stagliano to discuss the future of his über-popular Web series Voracious, the first season of which took home multiple honors during the 2013 award season. With the first six parts of Season 2 now available on Evil Angel’s website, and the first DVD volume just released for Valentine's Day, we asked Stagliano about the future of the series.

“Well, as you know, the first season ended with what looked like Rocco dying,” Stagliano recapped. “However, if you’re a fan of the Twilight series, you know that a vampire, even though they might be dead, they have to be actually burned to be completely eliminated, and the action in the first couple of DVDs will be on whether or not Rocco does wind up getting burned, or does he get saved? Obviously, he gets saved because he does sex scenes—not on the first DVD, but on the second one, he does a pretty phenomenal scene with Samantha Bentley, and then in subsequent DVDs, he’s in like three more scenes.”

And who else should viewers keep their eyes out for?

“Chastity Lynn has a major part, as does Ashley Fires,” he noted. “Roxy Rae does some interesting things—she’s somebody who’s worked a lot for Jay Sin and has her own website; hasn’t done a lot of stuff for other people. Those are the main people. And Stoya and James Deen’s scenes build up and the tension between them will be revealed in episodes 9, 10, 11, 12, 13—right around in there, the middle part of the series—and it’s probably the best stuff in the series; they’re so phenomenal. James Deen, of course, is the vampire killer and Stoya’s the vampire who’s in hiding, gone undercover because all the vampires in San Francisco are dying at the beginning of the movie, but she’s figured out a way to survive.”

In all, Voracious Season 2, which was shot in San Francisco, Budapest and parts of Southern California, will consist of somewhere between 17 and 20 episodes—Stagliano’s deep in the editing process as we go to press—and while the first volume of Season 2 will have three episodes, future volumes may have more or less, with Stagliano making sure that each volume delivers five hot hardcore scenes.

Voracious Season 2 Vol. 1 is available now (shipped to retailers February 13), with future volumes following about every six weeks.